What callroute can't do

Here’s Everything Callroute Can’t Do For You 

Pretty weird blog title, right?

Here are some things you won’t get when you sign up for Callroute:

  • A robot to do your washing
  • Someone to clean your teeth
  • A magic genie to finish your to-do list

Yes, this is going to be a little tongue-in-cheek. But we find it’s extremely important to set expectations upfront.

Sometimes, we get customer requests that trigger accelerated roadmap updates. Sometimes, we get customer requests that blow our minds.

So, if you’ve seen the Callroute name (or our Orto for Teams provisioning tool) but don’t quite know what we do, this post will at least help you learn what we don’t do.

Some more things we can’t help with: 

  • Stopping you scroll on social media 
  • Opening clickbait 
  • Laughing at the tremendous humor in this article 

Common misconceptions 

1 – We ain’t Operator Connect

We are, however, Direct Routing, if you need us to be. 

Using Callroute, you can connect your existing voice carriers or new ones to Microsoft Teams and enable Teams voice for your users within a few minutes. 

Not only does Callroute handle all the voice routing between Microsoft Teams and your carriers, but we also offer complete management of number assignments through our self-service portal which is secured by multi-factor authentication and role-based controls. 

You don’t need an SBC and you don’t need to make any changes in the Teams Admin Center (TAC). 

In addition, Callroute comes complete with full number management and automation that makes managing Microsoft Teams voice services simple. We even have Microsoft SSO to make your life easier.

Want to chat about Direct Routing?  

👉 Book your free consultation here

2 – We don’t manage third-party SBCs 

On the subject of Direct Routing, some customers come to us armed with their own hardware and need help with management and maintenance. That’s not something we offer. 

Our app provides all the management you need for a variety of voice deployments in Microsoft Teams. 

But, when people ask us if they can buy our app outright and use it on top of their Ribbon or Audiocodes SBC, our only role would be to talk to Microsoft to assign the voice routing policies , numbers, etc. 

3 – We didn’t just make a Teams Admin Center alternative 

But we did create a single pane of glass for Teams management

Creating a Teams user persona for auto-provisioning

So, how’s it different? 

  • Creates user personas to assign policies at scale 
  • Provides an automation layer to save you time and money 
  • Eliminates the need for one-by-one changes 
  • Grants access to Teams Premium admin features without the cost (policy packages) 

You get access to all your users and numbers and can make all the changes you desire, without firing up PowerShell or making one-by-one changes in the TAC.  

Sure, you can still access the TAC if you wish to, but without needing to subscribe to Teams Premium, you have all the functionality of policy packages (and more) when you connect to Orto.  

Once you’re connected and are having fun (well, more fun than constant manual changes), you can even start experiencing the benefits of Microsoft Teams automated provisioning.  

With the creation of user personas, you no longer need to spend time toing and froing when new users discover they need extra access. Instead, they automatically get assigned their Teams policies and access when you configure their profile in Entra (Azure AD). 

Need to scale your Teams management?  

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4 – We don’t have a UCaaS solution 

But we can provide a free Shared Calling solution for Microsoft Teams. 

If you’ve got E5 licenses, pay for your minutes and nothing else. 

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To set your Teams tenant up for Shared Calling, there is a bit of configuration to do before you’re able to let users benefit from it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sign up with us and we will do it for you. 

That means you also benefit from: 

  • No professional service charges 
  • White glove deployment or assistance
  • Free administrator training 
  • Schedule your deployment the same day 

Want Shared Calling for free? Like, really. 

👉 Learn how it works here

5 – We aren’t a fully-fledged call recording service 

We’d rather partner with the experts. And, boy, there are some good ones out there. 

Discover how your customers feel about your products or services using AI call transcription and sentiment analysis. Protect your business from potential compliance deviations like PCI DSS. Or simply have the safety net of having everything recorded in a central repository. 

Call recording in Microsoft Teams

We partner with Oak Innovate (Certified Compliance Recording For Microsoft Teams) to deliver advanced call recording functionality: 

  • Only record calls for users who need it 
  • Record phone calls that meet compliance standards 
  • Playback recordings directly through a web portal 
  • Keep your call recordings for up to seven years 

Need to record your Teams calls?  

👉 Get access here.

Other AI things we don’t dabble in 

We couldn’t finish this post without including the buzzword of the decade, right? 

While we’re big believers that AI can make processes more efficient and customer experiences more enjoyable, there are some things that Callroute still can’t do, even with the help of AI: 

  • Generative AI for contact center agents 
  • Meeting summaries 
  • Phone call summaries 
  • Employee adoption scores 

We leave all that good stuff to Microsoft to do natively so we can focus on taking care of you. 

Thanks for reading. At least you know what we don’t do now! ✌️ 


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Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.