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Make Microsoft Teams Management Tasks Easier With Your New Favorite Tool

Make Microsoft Teams Management Tasks Easier With Your New Favorite Tool

When we talk about simplifying processes, what usually follows is an extended period of changes, new procedures, and pushback from every department. 

But, when talking about simplifying Microsoft Teams management, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

For administrators of Teams, we introduce you to Orto, our provisioning and management automation tool created by people like you, for people like you. 

The alternative to spending all day in the Teams Admin Center

When it comes to management of Microsoft Teams users, policies, moves, adds, and changes, it’s a completely different ball game. 

Here, we’re spending time in the Teams Admin Center (TAC) and fighting fires through support tickets. 

The best way to organize Microsoft Teams as an admin is to have a single pane of glass for Teams management

Instead of switching between the TAC, every provider you use for calling, and back-end Entra updates, use the Orto portal and say goodbye to adding piecemeal licenses and policies to try and appease the incoming flood of support tickets.  

Need to make a change to a call queue? You can do that here. 

Create Microsoft Teams call queue groups

Need to add assign a new number to a voice user or department? You can do that too. 

Reserving a phone number in Microsoft Teams

Need to create an entire new user and want to save that user as the template for everyone else that joins in this department? Now we’re talking. 

Using user personas and automation will simplify Microsoft Teams management and help you better organize Microsoft Teams

You could argue it’s what the TAC set out to do. Only, it’s never that simple, is it? 

Unless you’ve got Microsoft Teams Premium, and are happy to pay the $10 per user per month, on top of an existing Teams license, you can’t access everything you need.  

Even then, there are some things you can’t do, and you end up trawling through PowerShell scripts, exposing yourself to the chance of manual error. 

The direct result of this? 

Switching between tabs and windows, potentially day-losing human errors, and a total lack of organization. 

A genuine, single pane of glass is the holy grail of Microsoft Teams management. And it’s available today. 

Need to better organize your Teams management tasks? 

👉 Optimize your entire Microsoft Teams provisioning process 

How Teams admin can simplify Microsoft Teams management

The easiest way to make Microsoft Teams more efficient as an admin is to automate the routine tasks that are cumbersome and time-consuming. They’re the ones we do on autopilot. But that means they’re also the tasks most likely to succumb to manual errors

What if you could use an automated tool for all your provisioning needs? 

Orto helps you saves time and reduce errors when provisioning Teams users. You can automate the assignment of numbers, policies, licenses, queues, and teams. 

If you’re a business with 1,000 to 100,000+ Teams users, it’s extremely likely you can make your processes more efficient by introducing Orto. 

From streamlining new user setup to saving time on moves, adds, and changes, you get a single place to manage your users and numbers. That means no more spreadsheets and no more relying on scripts created years ago. 

You can license users for Teams Phone and assign users to call queues without complex config.  

By creating Teams policy personas, Orto recognizes the job role and assigns everything they need without you needing to do anything other than add them to Entra (Azure AD). 

Want to try Orto for free? 

 Sign up for your free trial here 

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