Connect all your carriers & calling platforms to Teams with

Optimize your entire Microsoft Teams provisioning process

Save time and reduce manual errors when provisioning users in Microsoft Teams.

We automate the assignment of numbers, policies, licenses, queues, and teams.

Are you responsible for Teams user provisioning?
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Businesses with 1,000 to 100,000+ users streamline new user setup and save time on moves, adds, and changes

Solve Your Teams Number Management Headache For Good

Replace your spreadsheets and scripts with a single platform to manage all your Microsoft, Operator Connect,
& Direct Routing numbers.

Manage phone numbers between locations in Microsoft Teams

A single place to manage your numbers

Add agents to call queues without PowerShell

Granting call queue access in Microsoft Teams
Creating a license group to be used with Microsoft Teams Phone

License users for Teams Phone & Calling Plans

Standardize Your Teams User Provisioning

Increase provisioning accuracy by standardizing your Teams configuration based on each of your user roles.

Create Teams policy personas for each user role

Boost end user productivity by assigning them to teams

Easily migrate users when they change roles

Speed up your process when someone changes departments, locations, or job role.

When someone moves from sales to marketing, change their policy assignment in one click.

Using Orto Is A Game Changer For Your Service Management

Orto helps improve your provisioning accuracy and efficiency by giving you a platform to define standards and implement change effectively throughout your entire Teams lifecycle.

Improve accuracy by 99%

Stop human error creeping into tickets so you provision once only, not thrice.

Speed up provisioning

Complete provisioning tasks in less than 5-minutes compared to 30-minutes by hand.

Reduce Escalations

Apply the right settings to your users the first time and reduce follow up tickets.

Better Resource Usage

Stop relying on that specialist person and spread capabilities across all your team.

Improve Efficiency Even More With Automation

Remove manual tasks in your Teams user provisioning process with full automation without scripting.

Zero touch provisioning direct from Entra ID

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams
Example of code snippet with automation rules per user

Integrate With Your Service Management Platform

You Could Save 77% On Your Provisioning Costs With Orto

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"Auto provisioning for Microsoft Teams means faster, more consistent, more secure process, that will improve the overall
end-user Teams experience"
Kevin Kieller's thoughts on auto provisioning for Microsoft Teams
Kevin Kieller

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to purchase professional services?​

No, but we offer professional services if you need a helping hand.

Do you provide other services?

Yes. Callroute provides a full suite of Microsoft Teams calling services, including number management, SIP registration, automated failover, and call recording.

What do I need to install?​

Nothing. There is no hardware or software to install.

What do I need to configure?​

You need to ensure that your AzureAD user object attribute data is consistent and accurate.

Do we need to code /script our provisioning requirements?​

There is no coding needed. You just point and click.

Can provisioning be triggered manually?​

Yes, you can do this via the web portal.

What about internal approval processes?​

We have APIs that allow you to trigger provisioning tasks from external services. Use your existing ITSM or Microsoft PowerApps to control manager approvals and send approved requests to Callroute​.

Would you like to schedule your demo?

We would love to talk to you about your current Teams provisioning challenges and how we may be able to help you with them. To make it easy for you, here is our availability. Choose a date and time that works for you and we’ll see you then.


Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.