Direct Routing

Deploy Direct Routing in minutes. No PowerShell knowledge required. Manage users DDI's and CLI's from the Callroute self service portal.

Why choose Callroute’s Direct Routing?

  • Unique cost-effective solution with no contracts, priced per channel
  • No PowerShell knowledge required. Instant, seamless integration and deployment
  • Self service portal to manage user DDI and CLI assignments
  • Crystal-clear local & global PSTN calling
  • Limitless cloud-based scalability
  • PBX Integration support
  • Call recording and fax2email support
Microsoft Teams

What is Direct Routing?

In simple terms, Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams enables external calling from Microsoft Teams — users can place and receive calls directly from the platform.

Microsoft Teams’s rapid growth as an essential business tool seemingly knows no bounds. The communications app already has over 145 million users worldwide, as its internal communication and meeting, document management, and app integration capabilities make it invaluable to so many.

With Microsoft unveiling phone capabilities for the platform, a vital technology has started to gain lots of traction in recent times: Direct Routing. This is the future of Unified Communications: a system where every communications channel (chat, file sharing, phone calls, video conferencing, email, and more) is integrated within one platform.

Here at Callroute, our unique Direct Routing solution allows companies to enjoy full PBX (Private Branch Exchange) integration with Microsoft Teams, giving them a gateway to PSTN and VoIP telephony systems in minutes.

Deploy our complete communication and collaboration platform and start making external phone calls using Teams today.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams and Phone System

Improves your Microsoft Teams experience

Our Teams Direct Routing solution improves your experience on the platform in multiple ways, including:

Place External Calls Within Teams
Lets you externally place phone calls within Teams
Callroute Direct Routing is completely integrated, with full PBX functionality.
Makes external collaboration easy

Lets you easily switch between internal and external communication channels without having to change devices or applications.

Creates a single point of access

Your whole company will have a single point of access  — all they need to do is log into Teams.

Centralises Information
Centralises information

By using Callroute Direct Routing solution, every information channel your company requires will be in a single place, accessible from any device and location.

Better Productivity and Collaboration
Better productivity and collaboration

Callroute helps your team collaborate a lot more easily, bolstering productivity.

Do things you can’t do on Microsoft Phone System

As well as being much cheaper, Callroute’s Direct Routing solution lets you do things you currently can’t do on the Microsoft Phone System, such as:

Call Recording
Call recording

No standard call recording features with Microsoft Phone System creates quality control and regulatory compliance issues.

Analytics and Reports
Call reporting and controls

There’s no way to set individual cost controls or manage these calls in any way with the Microsoft Phone System.

High-volume call queries

Call queue length is restricted to 200 people on the Microsoft Phone System, with wait times of up to 45 minutes.

End-point and handset flexibility

You can only set a limited number of compatible devices on the Microsoft Phone System.

Direct Routing software benefits

Number Porting
Number porting

Keep your phone numbers and easily port them in one place. Callroute will assign you a dedicated Number Porting Account Manager who will manage the process for you.

Purchase Local Numbers In Global Locations
Purchase local numbers in global locations

Stay connected no matter where you are. Callroute has access to over 10 million numbers worldwide.

Auto-scalable phone system

Set up an automatically scaling phone system in minutes, allowing you to increase phone channels to align with increased business demand.

Reporting and analytics

Get immediate insights into how your telephony is performing with reporting and analytics.

Call quality

Enjoy HD quality calls without interference.

24/7 technical support

Get access to round-the-clock technical support whenever you need it.

Security and Privacy
Security & privacy

Keep communications private with enterprise-grade security.

Fastest Direct Routing solution in the industry

Callroute Integration Versus Other Providers
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Who uses Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is largely aimed at companies (like SMBs and call centres) which want more flexibility than their pre-set calling plans. It is best-suited to those that meet the following criteria:

Companies Reliant on Microsoft Teams

Companies reliant on Microsoft Teams

An obvious point, but an important one nonetheless. Businesses that rely on Teams for internal communication can massively boost operations with Direct Routing. This enables them to use it for external communication, reducing the need for a separate PBX.

Companies Wanting Greater Functionality

Companies wanting greater functionality than the Microsoft Phone System

As touched upon, the Microsoft Phone System has a number of noteworthy shortcomings. Using Direct Routing helps companies enjoy much greater functionality and flexibility, enabling them to get things done more effectively and quickly.

Companies Wanting To Save Costs

Companies wanting to save costs

Direct Routing enables companies to futureproof their communications, helping to bolster productivity and ultimately save them money in the long run. We can even set this up within minutes so you don’t have to.

Teams Direct Routing License Requirements

In order to connect Microsoft Teams to the PSTN, you must have the correct Microsoft licences first. Check out our Prerequisites page for all the lowdown on what you need.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365
Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

How does Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams work?

Direct Routing connects your Microsoft Teams environment to the PSTN — the normal phone network. This enables you to make and receive external phone calls from anywhere and on any device using Teams. These aren’t simply audio calls, but actual phone calls to actual phone numbers.

This is achieved through SIP Trunks and SBCS (Session Initiation Protocol Trunks and Session Border Controllers). SIP Trunks are the connections between business phone systems, the internet, and the PSTN. An SBC is essentially a firewall for VoIP and is used at the border of different networks to ensure data is transferred between them. They also offer an extra layer of security and protection from cyberattacks.

The Callroute Direct Routing Solution

Callroute is an innovative solution that facilitates Teams Direct Routing. This comes with many benefits. For example, we can configure a bespoke solution within minutes, not days, while taking away the need for third-party apps for calls. Our pricing model lets you pay only for what you need, with a free channel for life allowing you to try Direct Routing without any commitment.


Direct Routing is a way of providing a PSTN connection so you can make and receive external calls with Microsoft Teams. Traditionally, PSTN calls were delivered using a PBX system, typically located on a business’ premises. A Direct Routing solution allows companies to replace this existing system and its associated costs with a cloud-based one.

If you don't want to port your numbers to Callroute but would like to benefit from the features of the Callroute service we can connect your existing trunk.  Currently set up is not available to DIY in the Callroute portal. Please contact us for further information.

No. Callroute is granted access tokens by Microsoft for purposes of read write authorisation to the MSFT tenant. These tokens continue to be refreshed by Callroute for as long as the service admin user exists in the MSFT environment and has the same credentials as used during the sign in process. Deleting or updating login credentials of the service user in the MSFT tenant has the effect of severing the connection to Callroute. At no point does Callroute have visibility, access or store the admin users login credentials.

Phone System is the standard Microsoft solution for making PSTN calls from Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Direct solutions offer the same capability — PSTN calling from Teams — but does so through a 3rd party telephony provider instead of Microsoft. This approach can offer many benefits over Microsoft’s Calling Plan.

These include more device compatibility, a greater level of customisation and control (including price flexibility), PBX integration, call recording and reporting, and better queue capabilities.

Here at Callroute, we charge per channel instead of per user, meaning you only pay for the capacity you require. What’s more, there are no hidden costs or long-term contracts or subscriptions.

The Callroute direct routing services relies on Microsoft Teams being available. In the event of service disruption from Microsoft loss of dial tone may occur. For this reason Callroute allows for SIP phones to register to the service which can be used for purposes of emergency service access.