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Help your customer integrate the most popular business collaboration platform with telephony.
Grow your business with Callroute.

We add value to your business

Callroute is simple for users and simple for you. It’s the fastest way to integrate telephony with Teams and create a complete business collaboration platform. Expand revenue, retain customers and grow with a simple and effective solution.

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Ready for today and tomorrow

Teams is growing. More than 70% of large organisations use it today, and it’s become the solution of choice to solve WFH changes. At a moment when budgets are tight, Callroute provides an affordable solution to remote workflows without comprises.

Why partner?

Callroute is the easiest way to deliver Direct Routing with Teams. It’s simple for you and facilitates what end-users need.

Aligned with WFH

Businesses need unified communication tools more than ever. Transforms Teams into a complete collaboration platform and let users access their business phone from any device.

Flexibility and growth

Scale calling plans just as easily as getting started. We offer multiple pricing options that help you upsell and increase ARPU as clients grow.

Ready for Teams

Teams is the business collaboration platform of choice, used by 70% of larger organisations. Provide value to this entire market with Callroute.


Cloud-based PSTN access aligns legacy calling with digital business collaboration. We enable you to provide a service that can grow into the future.

No hardware needed

You don’t need to purchase any hardware, and neither do your customers -- it’s all in the cloud. In fact, we help reduce hardware purchases by centralising communication across every device.


Sign up as a partner, get customers started and scale connection with ease. Everything about Callroute was built with simplicity in mind.

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We work with you to deliver the right outcome for you and your customers. You get:

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Technical support

We offer 24/7 technical support for your customers so you don’t have to. Sell with confidence and deliver a flawless service.

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Sales resources

We’ll walk you through all the details you need in order to sell Callroute with confidence and expertise -- don’t worry, we make it simple.