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Fast track your Teams Phone Migration with Orto

Rapidly onboard your voice users to Microsoft Teams using Orto for Teams.

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Migration challenges with Teams Phone

When you’re faced with migrating from your current voice platform to Microsoft Teams, it can be a daunting exercise. Choosing the right voice connectivity, provider, arranging number ports, understanding current communication requirements, and then having to migrate users.

Users will have dependencies on others whether this is indirect, or direct dependencies such as shared line appearance, delegates, and agents of queues. All the dependent users must be migrated at the same time. Creating migration plans to ensure these dependencies are not broken are a challenge. Once created, you need to migrate them as soon as possible.

With Orto for Teams you can migrate at volume

Using our provisioning engine, combine with our API you can speed up Teams Phone enablement at scale

Create Migration Rules

Create provisioning rules to apply the right Teams policies, number, and queue membership for users based on your data

Keep Existing Phone Numbers

Enable users to maintain their existing number through migration and assign it to their Teams user account

Automatically Migrate

Supply all your migration criteria and users to Orto API and we will enable your users for Teams Phone

How it works

Step 1

Setup your phone connection to Microsoft Teams by choosing from Microsoft Calling Plans, Operator Connect, or Direct Routing.

Step 2

Create your Microsoft Teams provisioning rules in Orto and load your phone number ranges ready for migration.

Step 3

Collect your user migration information and submit your migration request to Orto’s provisioning API

Step 4

Start using Microsoft Teams Phone

3 ways to migrate

Migrate users to Teams Phone in a way that works for you

Example of code snippet when provisioning a Microsoft Teams user
Dynamically match users based on migration metadata

Create migration rules that trigger when migration user conditions match enabling you to deliver the perfect Teams experience following migration

Example of code snippet with automation rules per user
Migrate users using explicit migration rules

For white glove migrations where the desired end state is known, instruct Orto API to migrate users using explicit migration rules

Example of code snippet when provisioning a Microsoft Teams user
Choose to migrate their existing number or issue new

Decide if a user should keep their existing phone number when migrated, or be issued with a new one based on migration rules

Manage your entire Teams Phone provisioning solution after migration with Orto

Benefits to the Unified Communication team

No PowerShell knowledge required

You don’t need to be a Teams or PowerShell expert. Orto for Teams will configure all voice settings for users on your behalf

Migrate at a pace that is convenient

Migrate users to Teams based on a schedule that is convenient to your organization’s objectives rather than mandated by technology limitations

Keep using Orto for Teams for day 2 and beyond

Use Orto for Teams as your daily provisioning solution for Teams Phone. Automate number assignment using rules created from Entra ID

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.