Connect all your carriers & calling platforms to Teams with

Manage all your customer Microsoft Teams tenants in one place

Single point of management for all your customer Teams tenants. Manage them all securely with roles based access control and a single administration identity. No jump boxes, no multiple engineer logins, no scripts, no spreadsheets.

Single pane of glass for Microsoft Teams management

Become more efficient as a Teams service provider

Managing multiple customer Teams tenants is a challenge for service providers. From gaining access to each tenant with customer controlled identities, creating scripts and procedures to meet each customer requirements, to ensuring quality standards are maintained across all customer accounts.

Using Orto for Teams, service providers can eliminate all their pain points for daily customer management. Create scoped administration accounts that can access customer tenants to manage Teams MACDs without scripts, protected with multi-factor authentication and RBAC.

Improve your quality management and deliver consistently

Being able to complete tasks quick and accurately increases customer satisfaction, retention, and your profit margins

Faster at completing user changes vs manual processes
More accurate, reducing ticket escalation
Less costly than relying on manual change processes
Single pane of glass for Microsoft Teams management

Manage customers in one place

Using Orto for Teams service provider portal you can access all your customer tenants in one place.

Create support engineer logins that can access approved customer tenants and grant custom permission levels.

Implement service standards that meet your customer needs

Configure provisioning templates and policies to match individual customer needs so they can be applied consistently.

Reduce the number of manual provisioning errors that generate excess support tickets. Improve your customer satisfaction and retention as a result.

Create persona templates for Microsoft Teams user groups
Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams

Automate 99% of customer provisioning requests

99% of all customer provisioning requests can be automated without manual intervention.

Once you’ve deployed your customer provisioning templates, Orto will automatically provision users matching those templates, speeding up ticket resolution and delivering consistent Teams experiences to your end customer users.

Improve customer service and satisfaction by reduce the manual burden on your engineers and increasing provisioning accuracy

Tenant switching made easy

Switch between your customer tenants without changing identities

No scripts or spreadsheets

Implement provisioning templates and apply them to any customer

Reduce resource bottlenecks

Enable any support engineer to manage customers rather than specialists

Train your engineers in less than an hour

Orto’s easy to use self-service portal is intuitive and always up-to-date, allowing you to train your new support engineers in under 1-hour.

Enable all your engineers to support all your customers without specialist domain knowledge of each customer, improving your service productivity.

Assign phone numbers to users with alternative destination if unreachable in Microsoft Teams
Example of Teams Phone user created automatically

Speed up customer onboarding

Transition customers from service order to full service operational support faster.

Implement service definitions directly into Orto ready to execute without needing to create custom procedures, scripts, or access requirements.

Support more customers per engineer resource

Reducing the complexity of engagement and support means that you can support more customers per engineer increasing your productivity output and profit margin.

Using Orto for Teams is like adding an extra 10 people to your team.

Assign numbers to users and locations in Microsoft Teams

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