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Solve Your Microsoft Teams Number Management Woes

Manage all your company phone numbers in one place using Callroute’s number management for Microsoft Teams; including Microsoft Calling Plans, Operator Connect and Direct Routing

The complete number management solution for Microsoft Teams

Synchronize Microsoft Teams Calling Plan, Operator Connect and Direct Routing phone numbers and manage them in one place.

No spreadsheets

Manage all your Teams numbers in one portal

Always up-to-date

Automatically update number allocation

All number types

Direct Routing, Microsoft, and Operator Connect numbers

Automated assignment

Automatically assign numbers to your Teams users

Make Your Teams Phone Admin Tasks A Breeze

If you’re moving to Microsoft Teams and your existing number management solution no longer works, or you’re tired of using spreadsheets, Orto is the perfect solution for you.

Keep your number ranges up to date

Connect Orto to your Microsoft Teams tenant and our number management will keep your tenant’s number inventory in sync.

Supported numbers:

Assign numbers to users

Assign numbers to your Teams users directly from the portal from any number range including, voice policies, dial plans and emergency locations.

You could save up to 77% on your Microsoft Teams user provisioning costs by automating it using Orto Pro
Orto - the robot mascot for Microsoft Teams auto provisioning
Assign numbers to users and locations in Microsoft Teams

Categorize your numbers using tags

Categorize your numbers using custom color coded tags for easy identification, searchability, and assignment.

Organize your numbers into your custom locations

Create locations to match your offices, then add numbers from any range into these locations to make it easier to find the right number to allocate.

Location specific user personas in Microsoft Teams
Reserving a phone number in Microsoft Teams

Reserve numbers to prevent accidental assignment

Protect special numbers from being accidentally assigned to users by using reservations.

Quarantine recently unassigned numbers

Prevent recently deallocated numbers being reassigned to someone new immediately.

Quarantine numbers in Microsoft Teams number management
Manage all your Microsoft Teams phone numbers in one portal without the need for spreadsheets, scripts, or manual tasks.

Standardize Your Teams Phone User Experience

Eliminate provisioning errors and deliver consistent user experiences that match a user’s profile 1st time, every time. 

Creating user personas in Microsoft Teams

Create user policy personas

Users in different locations, departments, or job titles need to be assigned Teams policies that match their functional needs.

Using Orto personas you can package your Teams policies together that match each of your user personas.

Assign Teams Phone & Calling Plan Licenses

If you need to uplift a user to Teams Phone or Calling Plan licenses as part of their service request, you can do this within Orto.

Creating a license group to be used with Microsoft Teams Phone
Granting call queue access in Microsoft Teams

Add agents to call queues

Some of your Teams Phone users may need to be agents in several call queues as part of their role.

Give users access to their department teams

You can group teams together by department or project need and add users as members or owners of those teams in a single click.

Granting user access in Microsoft Teams


Orto is not just a number management tool, it helps you stay in control of your complete Teams provisioning lifecycle.

  • All Teams number types

    Manage Microsoft, Operator Connect, and your Direct Routing numbers in one solution.

  • Automatic number updating

    Keeps in sync with numbers assigned to users in Teams, even if you make a change in Teams Admin Center or PowerShell.

  • Automatic range builder

    Group numbers by country, area, provider, and type automatically so you spend less time organizing numbers.

  • Assign numbers to users without PowerShell

    Find an available number in a range and assign it directly to a Teams user or resource account within the portal.

  • Categorize numbers with tags

    Create your own color coded tags and associate them with numbers so that they're easier to find and assign to users.

  • Assign voice policies and dial plans

    Assign users the correct voice routing, dial plan, and emergency policies alongside their number assignment.

  • Roles based access control

    Create your custom roles to allow admins just enough permission to complete number assignments.

  • Split ranges into locations to match your way

    Create your own custom location groups for each office or department, then associate numbers from ranges to them.

  • Reserve numbers for special use

    Make number reservations to prevent accidental assignment . Set the duration of the reservation from 1 day to forever.

  • Allocate numbers to non-Teams users

    Some numbers may not be for Teams, but you can still manage your off Teams number assignment with custom labels.

  • Quarantine numbers from immediate reuse

    Set the number of days a number is quarantined for before being reallocated to a new user.

  • Upgrade user Microsoft licenses

    If you need to uplift a user's license to support Teams Phone, you can within the Orto portal.

  • Call queue agent management

    Assign users a phone number and then add them as an agent to all the Teams call queues they need to participate in.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Keep track of number allocations and get alerted when ranges become close to full so you can take proactive action.

Go A Step Further And Automate Teams Number Assignment with Orto Pro

Assigning phone numbers to users is a breeze with Orto for Teams

Custom Attributes

Use your own attribute values to provision users.

Rule Targeting

Provision users using rules created for a specific purpose.

Number Targeting

Provision users with a pre-chosen phone number.

Migrate Users

Move your users from PBX to Teams maintaining numbers.

Automatically assign a phone number based on user attributes

With Orto Pro, you can create provisioning rules that will issue a phone number to a user automatically based on their Entra ID user attributes or group membership.

Define from which range a user should be issued a number based on their Teams licensing, location, job role, or other matching criteria.

Automatically keep number ranges up to date, even if changes are made directly in Teams Admin Center, or PowerShell.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams
Example of code snippet with automation rules per user

Integrate Orto into your existing ITSM or HR system

Use your existing ITSM service catalog and orchestration system to collect orders and approvals and then automatically trigger assignment using Orto Pro’s APIs.

Automate your users entire Microsoft Teams Experience with Orto

Orto for Teams doesn’t just do phone number provisioning. With Orto you can provision Teams user policies, licenses, call queues, and team membership assignment.

Number Management FAQs

Is there a limit to the number of ranges that can be supported?

No. There is no limit to the number of ranges or numbers within these ranges. You can add as many as you need for your business.

Do I need a Callroute user licence to use number management?

If you are using Callroute for your carrier services e.g. BYOC or our calling plans, number management is included in your standard Callroute per user licence.


To use Callroute’s number management for other calling services e.g. Microsoft Calling Plan or Operator Connect numbers then there is a bolt-on licence you can purchase from your Callroute partner.

Do I need to use the Teams Admin Centre to manage Microsoft or Operator Connect?

You will need to continue to use the Teams Admin Centre to purchase additional numbers from Microsoft or your Operator.


However, once purchased, you can manage them all from the Callroute portal including assigning numbers to users and resource accounts.

Does Callroute detect changes in real time?

Changes made directly in the Callroute Portal are instantly detected.


Changes made outside the portal e.g. via PowerShell or Teams Admin Centre will be discovered during the next scheduled synchronisation.


Alternatively, you can manually initiate a synchronisation whenever you feel it is necessary.

Can I use number management for my PBX?

Yes. Providing your carrier services are routing via Callroute to your PBX, number management can be used.

Can I route numbers within a range to different phone systems?

Yes as long as you are using BYOC or Callroute Calling Plans. Our intelligent routing allows you to assign individual numbers to any user on any service that you connect to Callroute. Whether that is Teams, Webex, PBX or Zoom.

It is not possible to route Microsoft or Operator Connect numbers to different phone systems as Callroute is not party to the call control of these ranges.

More Information

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.