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Standardize Microsoft Teams User Policy Assignment

Create user policy personas that match each of your user demographics so they receive the right policies to help them communicate and collaborate effectively.

Create persona templates for Microsoft Teams user groups

Create Effective User Policy Personas

A user persona is a collection of Microsoft Teams user policies, licenses, team, and call queue memberships that are designed to deliver the correct Teams user experience to your users based on their job role or location.

Create Personas

Make Teams policy assignment easy with user personas

Match Users

Target specific users by their Entra ID attributes

Assign Automatically

Assign users their Teams user experience automatically


Move users between different personas as needs change

Creating user personas in Microsoft Teams

Create Your User Policy Standards

Standardizing user policy combinations by user role or department enables you to ensure consistent user experiences and reduces service desk tickets.

Easily Manage Your Personas

Keep on top of change and apply persona updates to all your users instantly.

Create persona templates for Microsoft Teams user groups
Migrating users from one department to another in Microsoft Teams

Enable Change Effortlessly Within Your Business

As business and user needs change so do your Teams policies and personas to support them.

What Policies Can You Assign?

Unlike other competitor solutions you can assign all Teams policies to a persona and user using Orto.

Call Park

Caller ID

Calling Policy


Emergency Calling

Emergency Call Routing

Call Hold

IP Phone

Voice Routing

Shared Calling

Voice Application


Audio Conferencing

Dial-in Conferencing

Dial-out Conferencing

Meeting Branding

Meeting Broadcast

Meeting Policy

Meeting Video Interop


External Access





App Permissions

Application Access

Compliance Recording

Enhanced Encryption



App Setup



Media Logging

Update Management

Manage phone numbers between locations in Microsoft Teams

Assign Phone Numbers With Personas

Manage your Teams Phone numbers and assign them as part of your persona without any additional effort.

Upgrade User Licenses To Teams Phone

Assign users a Teams Phone license along with their persona and number when you receive a service upgrade request.

Creating a license group to be used with Microsoft Teams Phone

Automate Policy Assignment With Orto Pro

Identify your users using their Entra ID attributes or security group memberships and match them to Teams personas automatically without ever touching a button.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams

Create Your Own Automated Provisioning Rules

Deploy Teams policies, phone numbers, team, and queue memberships to your users automatically with zero tocuh provisioning.

Here's What Happens When You Automate User Policies

65 %
in overall operational costs
80 %
in IT administration time
85 %
in provisioning accuracy
0 hrs
in lost end user productivity

User Persona FAQs

Can I assign personas to all Teams users?

Yes. You can use Callroute to manage your voice and non-voice users in a single interface.

What if I make a change to a Teams Policy Setting in Teams Admin Center?

Callroute only synchronizes the policy identifiers. This means that if you change a setting of a policy in Teams Admin Center, all users assigned this policy will inherit this change as per normal Teams behaviour

Does Callroute automatically assign user personas?

Yes, you can now use Callroute’s auto-provisioning tool to assign user personas.

Will personas work for users not using Teams?

No, user personas are Microsoft Teams specific.

Can I use personas to manage Calling Plan or Operator Connect users?

Yes, you can use user personas for these users too.


Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.