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Assign Microsoft 365 License Packages To Users

Create provisioning packages that contain the approved Microsoft licenses to be granted to users based on their job role, location, or any other defining factors.

Example of Teams Phone user created automatically

Control Microsoft Products & Features

Manage the assignment and provisioning of Microsoft products and services to your users based on service standards designed for their job roles

Incremental Licensing

Create license packages that enable certain Microsoft products & add to users

Targeted Assignments

Assign license packages to users based on their job role, or location etc.

Automated Provisioning

Deploy license packages to users automatically using Entra ID attributes

Reduce your administration effort in assigning licenses

Why use Orto for license assignment?

Example of Teams Phone user created automatically
You can do more than just assign licenses with Orto.

You can provision a new user account from new to full Teams access without ever needing to use scripts, spreadsheets, or multiple apps.
Orto - the robot mascot for Microsoft Teams auto provisioning

Automate Microsoft 365 License Assignment

Automate the provisioning of Microsoft licenses for your users without using scripts or manual intervention.

Spend more time concentrating on more complicated tasks

Create provisioning rules that automatically assign the right license packages to your users based on their Entra ID attributes or Microsoft 365 group membership.

Once the user is enabled in Entra ID, Orto for Teams will detect the user and assign them licenses matching their account profile. Leaving you to concentrate on more complicated IT issues.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams
Automate your users entire Microsoft Teams Experience with Orto

Orto for Teams doesn’t just do license automation. With Orto you can provision Teams user policies, call queue agent membership, phone number assignment, and team members and owners.

License Automation FAQs

Can I purchase Microsoft licenses with Orto?

No, you will need to purchase Microsft licenses eiother directly from Microsoft or your current licensing partner.

What if I run out of licenses?

Orto for Teams synchronizes with your Microsoft tenant to obtain the current license count. If there are insufficient licenses available, you will be notified.

How do I target users with license packages?

First you create license packages designed to meet a business objective or service option.

Then, you create provisioning rules that contain conditions based on your user’s Entra ID attributes. For example: If user.jobtitle = “Sales” then apply.license = “Sales License Pack”

You can also use Entra ID group memberships as a condition trigger.

I already use Entra ID group based licensing. How is this different?

If you are using Entra ID group based licensing, you add your users to a set of security groups that automatically assign Microsoft 365 licenses.

This requires you to train your staff to understand which groups to add users to based on their job role within your organization.

With Orto for Teams, you can automatically target users for license assignment based on their account information without any manual intervention.

I addition, with Orto, it is much easier to understand which license package should be assigned using an intuitive portal that you can add descriptions to for your staff to read.

When using Orto for all your Teams based automated provisioning, the value of the solution is second to none.

Should you wish to continue to use Entra ID group based licensing and use Orto for Teams provisioning, you can.

Can I make ad-hoc license changes?

Yes, you can modify the license packages at any time and this will automatically update all users assigned the package to meet the new configuration.

Similarly, you can override automatic license assignment by editing the user and applying the specific license package you require.

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