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Add Users to Call Queues as Agents automatically

Users may need to be agents in multiple call queues. Managing their agent membership can be complicated and confusing. With Orto for Teams, we make this simple and quick.

Create Microsoft Teams call queue groups

Add Agents to Call Queues

Add users that should be agents to all the required call queues at once based on their job role or department

Agent Queue Groups

Group call queues together that match user profiles

Targeted Assignments

Assign users as agents to all queues in a call queue group based on their role

Automated Provisioning

Add users as agents automatically using Entra ID attributes

Example of call queue assignment in Microsoft Teams

Assign agents to multiple queues in seconds

Creating queue groups allows you to package together all the call queues users need to be an agent of based on their job role.

You can then add them as an agent of these queues in 1-click

Direct, Distribution List, or Voice Enabled Channels

Orto for Teams supports all queue answering types. It does not matter if your queues are configured for direct agent, distribution list, or Teams voice enabled channels, Orto will add your users as agents.

Create Microsoft Teams call queue groups
You could save up to 77% on your Microsoft Teams user provisioning costs using our automation technology
Orto - the robot mascot for Microsoft Teams auto provisioning

Automate Teams Call Queue Assignment

Automate the agent membership of your call queues without using scripts or Teams Admin Center.

Managing call queues is no longer complicated

Create provisioning rules that automatically assign users to call queues based on their Entra ID attributes or Microsoft 365 group membership.

Once the user is enabled in Entra ID, Orto for Teams will detect the user and assign them to call queues matching their account profile. Leaving you to concentrate on more complicated IT issues.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams
Automate your users entire Microsoft Teams Experience with Orto

Orto for Teams doesn’t just do call queue agent provisioning. With Orto you can provision Teams user policies, licenses, phone number assignment, and team members and owners.

Teams Call Queue Automation FAQs

What type of call queues does Orto work with?

Orto is able to add / remove agents to all types of Teams call queue configurations including:

  • Direct Agent
  • Distribution List
  • Teams Voice Enabled Channels
Can I add users as agents manually?

You can add users as agents of call queues within a call queue group manually using our management portal.

What happens if I need to change a queue group configuration?

You can change the queues within a group at any time.

When you add or remove a queue from a group, an user already assigned that group will be updated to reflect the current configured state.

I use a 3rd party Teams contact center, does Orto work with these?

Orto only works with Teams Call Queues.

We do have integrations with some 3rd Party Teams contact centers on our roadmap.

Can I manage call queue settings with Orto?

Orto is a provisioning solution that enables to process user MACDs automatically. At present, Orto does not let you configure how a call queue functions, this must be controlled using Teams Admin Center.


However, you can change the voice application policy assigned to the queue using Orto user persona management.

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