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Spend Too Much Time On Manual Teams Tasks?

Use our rule-based user provisioning to automatically configure your users’ Teams experience using their Entra ID attributes or group memberships.

Optimize Microsoft Teams User Management & Provisioning

Release your IT admins from time-consuming tedious tasks and unlock company-wide productivity.

Enforce Standards

Create user profiles to match user job roles and functions.

Reduce Errors

Eliminate follow-up support tickets caused by manual error.

Targeted Configuration

Deploy the right configuration based on job role and location.

Cost Savings

Customers save around 77% on operational costs.

No More Spreadsheets

Teams user administration is a chore. 

Sure, with spreadsheets, PowerShell, and a bunch of Microsoft portals, you can manage Teams. 

But its cumbersome, time-consuming, and you have better things to do with your time.

Automating Teams administration end to end allows you to concentrate on more important tasks-making you and your team more effective and increasing overall business productivity.

How You Can Fix Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Enable your IT team to work smarter (not harder) by embracing the power of automation to enrich your support capabilities, not to replace them.

Standardize User Personas

Define the Teams experience users in different departments and locations should receive.

Build your Teams user policy combinations to match these experiences into personas that can be applied to each user.

Organize & Manage Your Phone Numbers

Arrange your phone numbers in one place. Categorize and divide them using tags and locations so you can select the right number for a user.

Manage phone numbers between locations in Microsoft Teams
Creating a license group to be used with Microsoft Teams Phone

Upgrade Microsoft 365 License Assignments

If a user needs to be activated for Teams Phone, they probably don’t have the license already assigned. 

Add Users To Call Queues As Agents

Tired of adding the same user to multiple call queues because their department has 9 IVR options?

Create Microsoft Teams call queue groups
Create a group of teams to assign user policies to in Microsoft Teams

Organize Teams By Department, Project, Or Role

Speed up user access from day one. Users need access to several collaboration teams to work effectively. Remove  reliance on community sourced membership.

Save Even More Time & Effort With Automation

You can use your Entra ID directory service to target the users you want to provision. Create provisioning rules that will automatically run ever hour so you can set and forget.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams

Create rules based on conditions matching your users’ Entra ID user object data.

Configure the order rules should execute to enable you to cascade configuration.

Automate Baselines

Offload the most common configuration defaults to full automation.

Integrate With Approvals

For approval-based provisioning, integrate with your existing service desk software.

Free Up Admins

Save your IT admins at least 30 minutes per provisioning ticket to focus on urgent problems.

Deliver Consistency

Provision what the user needs first time, every time and eliminate follow-up tickets.

Example of code snippet when provisioning a Microsoft Teams user

What if my Entra ID data isn't compatible?

If your AD is out of date or user attribute targeting might be a challenge, choose from these built-in options:

Phone Licenses Are Expensive, I Don't Want To Automate Them

You’ve bought E3 for everyone, but you want business justification and approval before applying a calling plan to a user.

No problem. Request justification and approval using your existing ITSM platform.

Then use it’s workflow management to trigger our provisioning APIs to execute assignment of a number and license after approval is received.

Boost Your Support Team's Productivity & Happiness

A happier Teams admin following a successful user management deployment
60 %

Operational cost

80 %

More time efficient vs manual processes

60 %

More accurate at getting it right the first time

90 %

Less stress felt by your IT admin team

OK, I'm Sold. What's Next?

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