Enable Microsoft Teams Shared Calling In Your Business

Microsoft Teams Phone

Enable Shared Calling For All Your E5 Licenses

A low cost shared calling solution without a minimum term contract

Deploy In Minutes

Activate shared calling in our self-service portal

No Porting

You get a UK phone number you can use for shared calling.

No Subscription

No per user or per channel costs like other operators.

100% Consumption

Only pay for the calls you make.

Microsoft Teams Phone
Microsoft Teams

How Does It Work?

You can deploy Callroute shared calling alongside your existing Microsoft Teams Phone solution.

3 Huge Benefits Of Teams Shared Calling

Shared Calling solves a problem you never knew existed

Frictionless Productivity

Enable the full suite of productivity tools for your E5 licensed users so that they don't need to workaround restrictions.

Business Professionalism

Enable your users to call from a business owned phone number so that the caller display shows your company name.

Reduce Business Risk

Protect your company and your employees by giving them access to a company phone, rather than using their personal number.

Enable Shared Calling In Less Than Half A Day

To set your Teams tenant up for Shared Calling, there is a bit of configuration to do before you’re able to let users benefit from it. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Sign up with us and we will do it for you.

Microsoft Teams Phone
Microsoft Teams Phone

What Is Shared Calling For Microsoft Teams?

Not heard of Shared Calling for Teams? Read our blog to find out more and why you should consider it if you’re already paying for E5 licenses.

Why Choose Callroute As Your Shared Calling Provider?

We’re the UK’s #1 choice for Teams Shared Calling. Here’s why

No Subscriptions

No per user per month licenses to pay for.

No Credit Card

No pre-payment of calling credit required.

No Hidden Charges

You pay for only the phone calls you make. That's it.

50% Cheaper

Our call charges are over 50% cheaper than Microsoft PAYG.

See How Much You Will Pay

UK domestic landline calls are charged at 1p per minute, mobiles 5p per minute

Answers To Your Questions

We’re sure with such an amazing offer you’re going to have a few questions. Here are some of the most common.

How long does Shared Calling take to set up?

You can enable Shared Calling in your organization in less than half a day.

This includes all the Teams tenant configuration which can be done in PowerShell using a script provided.

The deployment of Callroute and PSTN activation into your tenant takes less than 5 minutes and is instantly available. 

Will this affect my existing Teams Phone solution?

No. You can continue to use your existing Microsoft Calling Plan or Operator Connect service for your regular calling capabilities.

You deploy Callroute Shared Calling as a separate service that only your Shared Calling users will use.

In which countries do you support Shared Calling?

At the moment, this offer is only available to UK customers or international customers that need local UK origination for shared calls.

Can I add more Shared Calling numbers?

Yes, you can choose any number from any UK area code as your Shared Calling and emergency call back number. 

Every additional number above the free number included will incur a £1 per month number rental fee.

How are calls charged?

All calls originate from the UK. This means that you’ll pay domestic call rates when calling UK destinations and international call rates for any other destination.

Call costs are rated based on their overall duration and calculated to the nearest second.

How can I control costs so I don't get an unexpected bill?

You can set your monthly balance limit so you’ll never exceed your pre-planned budget. You can adjust this at any time. Emergency calls are unaffected.

We don’t permit calls to premium rate destinations by default. However, you can set your own call restrictions in Teams to deny certain destinations of your choice.

How do I pay my bill?

You will be sent an invoice detailing call charges at the end of each calendar month. 

Payment will then be due on a NET30 basis.

What is included in your white glove / assisted setup?

To enable Shared Calling requires some Teams tenant configuration. This involves the configuration of an auto attendant and some policy settings for shared and emergency calling.

Currently, the procedure can only be performed in PowerShell.

It is quite simple to implement if you are adept at PowerShell yourself. However, if you’d prefer us to help you with this to get going, then we can provide the technical expertise to complete the setup for you.

This involves:

  • Creating of one auto attendant for call back purposes with dial by name capability.
  • Creation of a UK Shared Calling policy and Shared Calling routing policy along with voice routes and call restrictions.
  • Enablement of all users for Shared Calling.

Provided you grant us temporary Teams admin permission to your tenant, we can deploy shared calling for your organization on the same day of sign-up. The process takes less than half a day for any company of any size. 

Afterwards, we will show you how its been configured, how to maintain it and how to use the Callroute portal to activate / deactivate your users.

What about inbound calling and caller identity display?

Out of the box, you are provided with a free 0330 non-geographic number that you can attach to an auto attendant configured for Shared Calling.

When your Shared Calling users make an outbound call, the recipient will see the 0330 number presented as the caller identity.

If the recipient calls the number back, this is routed to your auto attendant and they can use directory search to find the user they need.

Are there any restrictions?

Our shared calling offer is available to UK businesses with more than 200 Teams Phone users.

Shared calling is available directly to customers and not available through partners.

Customers with less than 200 users will be charged a one-time setup fee and require a minimum call charge monthly commitment.

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Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.