Share your carriers with multiple Microsoft Teams tenants

For large enterprises who have subsidaries, or have acquired organizations who have their own Microsoft Teams tenant.

Aggregate your carriers and phone numbers and share them across multiple Teams tenants.

Centralize your Teams Phone PSTN service

Centralize your enterprise phone line services in one cloud and share them across multiple Microsoft Teams tenants

Aggregate carriers

Connect carriers to a central telephony cloud and manage them all in one place

Shared calling

Share carriers and number ranges between different Microsoft Teams tenants

Tenant to tenant migration

Move users between Teams tenants and keep their existing number

Connect telephone providers and call carriers to Microsoft Teams

Connect any carrier from any country

Connect all your carriers to Callroute directly in the cloud with no additional hardware or networking requirements.

Once connected, you can share these connections with all your Teams Phone users in any Teams tenant.

Add as many Teams tenants as you need

Add as many Microsoft Teams tenants as you need to Callroute, then share carrier connections and phone numbers between them.

Optimize your enterprise voice costs by allowing shared services across different tenants.

Microsoft Teams connector for calling

Business Benefits

Using Callroute versus other connectivity solutions offers businesses better value and the quickest route to Teams Phone

Fast & scaleable

The fastest route to Teams Phone on the market that will scale alongside you

Cost efficient

Consolidate your carriers and voice connectivity to maximize usage

Service continuity

Enforce service standards across multiple Teams tenants to maintain product control

Callroute connect Microsoft Teams to call carriers and phone system providers

Share number ranges and carriers between Teams tenants

Consolidate carrier services directly in the cloud without having to reconfigure Teams Phone for your users.

Share numbers within your ranges between every connected Teams tenant.

Manage your telephony service centrally for a consistent experience.

Manage each Teams tenant individually

Delegate administration privileges to support engineers so they can manage users within specific Teams tenants.

Automate the provisioning of Teams Phone for users in any tenant using provisioning templates defined by your service offering.

Assigning a number to create automatic failover in Microsoft Teams
Assign and sync phone numbers in Microsoft Teams

Move users between tenants and keep their number

Consolidate your Teams tenants and migrate users whilst keeping their numbers.

Start your Microsoft Teams Phone project now

No other Microsoft Teams voice connectivity provider offers this level of integration and enablement

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Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.