Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Deploy Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Phone in minutes. No PowerShell knowledge required. Manage all user and resource account numbers and voice policies from Callroute’s self-service portal.

Why choose Callroute for Direct Routing?

Callroute for Microsoft Teams is a truly complete voice enabling and management solution. Using Callroute, you can connect your existing voice carriers or new ones to Microsoft Teams and enable Teams voice for your users within a few minutes.

Not only does Callroute handle all the voice routing between Microsoft Teams and your carriers, it also offers complete management of number assignments through our self-service portal which is secured by multi-factor authentication and roles based controls.

In addition, Callroute comes complete with full number management and automation that makes managing Microsoft Teams voice services simple.

Setup In Minutes

Deploy directly from the cloud with no infrastructure required

Bring Your Own Carrier

Connect your existing PSTN carriers to Microsoft Teams

Automated Provisioning

Automate your Microsoft Teams user settings and numbers

Self Service

Easy to use self-service portal to enable quick administration

What is Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?

In simple terms, Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams enables external PSTN calling from Microsoft Teams — users can place and receive regular calls directly from the platform. Direct Routing is an alternative to Microsoft Calling plans and Operator Connect and has been extensively adopted due to it being the most flexible way of connecting the PSTN to Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams’s rapid growth as an essential business tool seemingly knows no bounds. The communications app already has over 320 million users worldwide, with almost 12 million of those users now using Teams for their phone system. 

Here at Callroute, our unique Direct Routing solution allows companies to enjoy full feature set of Direct Routing and integrate their PBX (Private Branch Exchange) with Microsoft Teams, all in minutes.

Start using Callroute and start making external phone calls using Teams today.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams Phone System

Callroute is the only voice solution you need for Microsoft Teams.

Connect Any Carrier

Use your existing service provider and connect them to Teams

PSTN Replacement

Use Callroute's built-in PSTN calling services for turnkey connectivity

SIP Phone Support

Connect your existing SIP devices to Callroute

Call Recording

Record your PSTN calls for compliance purposes

Automated Provisioning

Automatically assign phone numbers and other settings to your Teams users

Automated Failover

Automatically divert inbound calls to your mobile when Teams is offline

Deploy Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in minutes compared to days with other service providers

Carriers we work with

We have ready made connectivity with over 23 different carriers worldwide and growing. Enabling you to start calling faster.

Your carrier not listed? We can add them

Direct Routing FAQs

What are the pre-requisites for Callroute's Direct Routing?

You will need a spare Microsoft 365 license that enables Microsoft Teams (F3, E1, E3 or E5) and a spare Teams Phone System License. In addition, you will need a service account with the requires admin roles assigned

Are you a certified Direct Routing Provider?

There is no such Microsoft partner certification for Direct Routing providers. However, we do use certified Microsoft Teams Session Border Controllers to ensure our connection with Microsoft is supported.

What happens if there is an outage affecting Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has a global resilient network. Should a primary region suffer an outage, we will automtically fallback to the secondary region and tiertiary region if required.


In the unlikley event that a global Teams voice outage occurs, our system will detect this and automatically divert incoming calls to user’s mobiles

I don't have a carrier, can I use Callroute?

Yes. In addition, Callroute is a PSTN service provider and can enable global calling out of the box.

What changes do I have to make in the Teams Admin Center?

None. Callroute is completely self-service. Our system does all the configuration and user setup tasks you’d normally have to use PowerShell and Teams Admin Center for.

Do I need an SBC?

No. The connection between your carrier and Teams is performed using our cloud based, elastic scale SBCs meaning that you do not need any additional infrastructure.

What countries do you provide Direct Routing?

We support Microsoft Teams Direct Routing globally, with three exceptions: China, Japan, and India.

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.