Built-in Calling Plans

For organisations that need a turnkey calling solution. Callroute’s calling plans enable voice services within minutes with built-in automation.

Enabling cost effective calling

Callroute calling plans offer more value for money than Microsoft’s allowing you get the most out of your minutes and expenditure. All minutes in all plans are pooled together and can be shared amongst all your calling enabled users.

Domestic 300 UK

Domestic 1200 UK

Bundled minutes per tenant, not per-user

Callroute calling plans are bundled per tenant, not per-user.

Purchase Microsoft Teams calling minute bundles and share them across all your Teams Phone users offering unrivalled cost efficiency vs Microsoft Calling Plans which are per-user.

Calling Plan FAQs

How are calling plan minutes billed?

Calling plans offer you consistency and a cost effective way to plan your spend month on month. Buying a calling plan will be cheaper than standard billing.


Minutes held within each plan are bundled together and can be consumed by any user with an activated calling plan.


Unlike Microsoft, our calling plans are pooled together into one bucket rather than per calling plan type. This means you can tailor your plans and consume your minutes more efficiently.

Do unused minutes carry over to next month?

Any unused minutes at the end of the calendar month are not carried over to the following month. On the first of each month, your minute balance is reset.

What happens if I use all my minutes before the end of the month?

If your partner has enabled pay as you go billing on your Callroute tenant, calls will continue and you will be charged based on our rate card.


If you are not enabled for rate card billing, outbound calls will stop except for UK emergency numbers until the month ends.

Can I limit pay as you go spending?

Yes, you can set a maximum balance your account can reach before calling is prevented. You will receive notification when you are approaching this limit. You can increase your balance should you need to.

How do you protect my balance from toll fraud?

We constantly monitor our network for suspicious behaviour and automatically stop it before it becomes a problem. This includes monitoring dialing frequencies, long duration calls with or without media and more.

Can I call destinations that are not included in a calling plan bundle?

Yes as long as your partner has enabled pay as you go billing on your Callroute tenant.

Can I restrict certain users from calling international numbers?

Yes. You can choose to allow pay as you go calling in addition to a calling plan on a per user basis.


Should you need any further granualarity, this can be achieved by using your PBX or Micrsoft Teams policies.

Do I have to purchase a calling plan for every user?

No. You can purchase calling plans only for the users that need them.

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