Number Management for Microsoft Teams

Manage all your company phone numbers in one place using Callroute’s number management for Microsoft Teams; including Microsoft Calling Plans, Operator Connect and Direct Routing

Managing phone numbers for Microsoft Teams

The complete number management solution

Keeping track of your number inventory across all your phone systems and PSTN connections is no longer an onerous task with Callroute’s built-in number management for Microsoft Teams solution.

Assign any number to any user

Keep track of your number assignments across your phone systems; including Microsoft Teams.

Assignment of numbers can be done using Callroute’s portal or in directly in the Teams Admin Centre and Callroute will detect the assignment and update your inventory automatically.

Automatically sync Microsoft or Operator Connect number ranges

When you connect Callroute to your Microsoft Teams tenant, Callroute’s number management for Microsoft Teams will synchronise your tenant’s number inventory including Operator Connect and Microsoft numbers. Numbers will be grouped together by area code and carrier type and assignments.

Assign numbers to users automatically based on automated provisioning rules or through Callroute portal.

Callroute number management system

Adding Direct Routing numbers is easy

Adding numbers to a range could not be simpler. Enter the first number in your range and tell Callroute how many numbers exist in the range. Callroute will automatically detect the location information and group those number together.

Split ranges? No problem. As numbers are grouped by location information i.e. area code, numbers in the same location are automatically grouped together in a single range that can be used for assignment.

Number Management FAQs

Is there a limit to the number of ranges that can be supported?

No. There is no limit to the number of ranges or numbers within these ranges. You can add as many as you need for your business.

Do I need a Callroute user licence to use number management?

If you are using Callroute for your carrier services e.g. BYOC or our calling plans, number management is included in your standard Callroute per user licence.


To use Callroute's number management for other calling services e.g. Microsoft Calling Plan or Operator Connect numbers then there is a bolt-on licence you can purchase from your Callroute partner.

Do I need to use the Teams Admin Centre to manage Microsoft or Operator Connect?

You will need to continue to use the Teams Admin Centre to purchase additional numbers from Microsoft or your Operator.


However, once purchased, you can manage them all from the Callroute portal including assigning numbers to users and resource accounts.

Does Callroute detect changes in real time?

Changes made directly in the Callroute Portal are instantly detected.


Changes made outside the portal e.g. via PowerShell or Teams Admin Centre will be discovered during the next scheduled synchronisation.


Alternatively, you can manually initiate a synchronisation whenever you feel it is necessary.

Can I use number management for my PBX?

Yes. Providing your carrier services are routing via Callroute to your PBX, number management can be used.

Can I route numbers within a range to different phone systems?

Yes as long as you are using BYOC or Callroute Calling Plans. Our intelligent routing allows you to assign individual numbers to any user on any service that you connect to Callroute. Whether that is Teams, Webex, PBX or Zoom.

It is not possible to route Microsoft or Operator Connect numbers to different phone systems as Callroute is not party to the call control of these ranges.