Give your Microsoft Teams users numbers automatically

Automated number provisioning allows you to assign numbers to your Microsoft Teams users automatically without changing your existing joiners process

  • No Install or Scripts

    No need to modify existing user account provisioning processes, no plugins or software required

  • Works Within Your Logic

    You set the business logic for provisioning numbers. Callroute will do the rest

  • Integrated with AzureAD

    The Microsoft Graph API allows Callroute to discover account changes that trigger provisioning

  • Works With All Microsoft Numbers

    Callroute supports direct routing, Microsoft and Operator Connect numbers for provisioning

Enable faster service availability for users

Assigning users phone numbers in Microsoft Teams is no longer a manual task for your service operations. With Callroute’s automated number provisioning for Microsoft Teams, you can set business provisioning rules based on your existing AzureAD user data.

Our automated provisioning works using our number management solution to match user account meta data to determine the correct number to assign to each user.

Provision numbers from different ranges based on user data

Auto provisioning for Microsoft Teams by Callroute works by allow you to create business provisioning logic rules against each number range in Callroute.

Using user account location meta data found in AzureAD that you already use for business intelligence, you can apply against each number range.

When you create a user using your current account creation process, Callroute will detect the user and provision a number based on the rules you create.


Automated Phone Number Management

Works with any Microsoft Teams number provider

Teams automated number provisioning works with all types of Microsoft Teams number providers including Microsoft, Operator Connect and Direct Routing numbers.

Manage all your Teams number ranges via Callroute and apply the right policies and numbers to users based on their licence and location types

Supported number providers

Number Provisioning FAQs

How do you determine what number a user receives?

Callroute will first interrogate the user’s Microsoft Licensing capabilities. Callroute will then learn if the user is a Microsoft Calling Plan user or Direct Routing or Operator Connect user.


Using the provisioning rules against each number range, Callroute will then determine the range of numbers the user can be assigned and select and assign the next available number in that range to the user.

Can I have multiple number providers in the same location?

Yes. There are cases where you may have numbers in the same location from different service providers. These will be grouped in the number management solution by area code and provider.


In the case where you may have Microsoft and Direct Routing numbers in the same area code, the decision on what number from which range is provisioned to a user is decided in the first instance based on the presence of a Microsoft Calling plan.


Further refinement is then made based on the rules you create for each range. For instance; you could set the City as Abingdon for both ranges and add a unique Office location to each range e.g. Office 1 and Office 2 which will then be used to determine the correct range to draw down from.

Can I set more than one provisioning rule per range?

Yes. You can add a rule for each attribute Callroute supports using AND / OR logic.


Example: Office = “Park Lane” AND City = “LONDON”

What are the pre-requisites for number provisioning?

Firstly, it is expected that you currently create the user account and license them accordingly in Microsoft 365. You probably do this already with your existing joiners process.


You will need to ensure that the user has the Teams Phone System license applied plus a Microsoft Calling plan if you use calling plans. If not, just the Teams Phone System license is enough.


You will also need to ensure that the user location information in AzureAD is set correctly to match your provisioning rules. The fields we support are


  • City
  • Office
  • License Usage Location


Once these are set you can enable auto provisioning

How long will it take to assign a number?

We periodically poll your AzureAD for changes. This is set to 60 minute intervals. Therefore, it can take up to an hour for Callroute to provision numbers.


Administrators can also choose to perform an manual sync for urgent cases.

What if a user moves location?

When a user moves office location their number will not automatically change. This will remain an administrative change as there are legitimate cases where existing numbers must be retained

Can I override the auto assigned number?

Yes. You can login to the Callroute portal and change the number assigned to a user at any time

What happens when a user leaves?

When you disable a user in AzureAD their assigned number will not be recycled back into the available pool of numbers. This is because sometimes, people return to the business and services need to be restored.

However, if you delete or de-license a user for Teams Phone System, then the number will be released back into your available inventory automatically

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.