Remote telephony with your collaboration platform.

Callroute brings on-premise telephony into the cloud and simplifies remote access through Teams. React quickly and deploy a long-term solution in minutes. 

The problem with remote working and telephony

Remote working shouldn’t rely on using personal mobile numbers and ad hoc video conferencing with customers. But standard telephony is ill-equipped to provide flexible remote access quickly or on-demand, or with device flexibility. Traditional remote working and Unified Communications solutions can also take months to deploy.

How Callroute helps

Unified communications on any device

Callroute is integrated with Microsoft Teams. To access business phone numbers, the only thing users need to do is log into Teams. Completely remove barriers to remote access and transform Teams into a fully unified communications platform.

Full PBX capabilities

Use the same processes that you would onsite with a PBX and seamlessly transition between remote and on-premise workflows — all without losing any of the routing, queue management or user control tools that you need. 

Instant integration and on-demand flexibility

Callroute integration takes minutes. As a customer, you get complete flexibility to dial up or down the number of channels you need. Use us as your main phone system, or as an on-demand provider specifically designed to scale in line with your remote working requirements. 

Who Callroute helps


Businesses with immediate remote working demands

Integrate Callroute in minutes and start making remote calls today. 

As both the integration provider and phone carrier, we can pre-configure the integration process and drop integration timelines from up to a week down to a few minutes. All you need is Teams and a Microsoft Phone System licence, and you can start making calls today. 

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Companies Reliant on Microsoft Teams

Businesses with long-term remote  working goals

Unified communications make remote collaboration as easy as being in the office. 

Remote working isn’t a fad, it’s a long-term trend. Callroute isn’t a remote working “plaster”. It’s a better way to collaborate and engage with business telephony. Simplified remote working is just one benefit to Callroute and Teams.

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Businesses with global remote working requirements

Access international numbers and calling plans that enable remote working to go global

Remote working should free your business from physical limitations. Callroute makes global access easy with simple international calling plans and phone numbers from around the world.

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How Callroute works

Receive One Single Bill

A free channel and on-demand pricing

Get started with a free channel and experience complete flexibility to dial up or down the number of channels you need on-demand. What’s more, we charge per-channel, rather than per-user, making it even easier to match demand with capacity while keeping costs low.   

Cost-Effective, Scalable Solution

Cloud-based scalability and global access

Callroute uses the cloud to remove the constraints of physical space. The number of channels you can deploy isn’t limited by an on-site PBX, and access to international numbers and calling plans is as easy as ticking a box in a cloud-based portal. 

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Unified communications with Teams

Although we are proud to offer a remote working solution, our real goal is to improve collaboration across the board. By adding real calling capabilities to Microsoft Teams, users get a fully unified communications system that does just that.     

Start making calls today and revolutionise your remote working capabilities.

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