Flexible capacity to match business demand.

If your business has unpredictable capacity requirements, you need solutions with the flexibility to match. We built Callroute with you in mind.  

The problem with traditional Direct Routing

Traditional Direct Routing locks you into fixed-term contracts and per-user pricing with capacity that you might not need, and constraining on-premise infrastructure that limits growth.

Our Callroute solution

Simple pricing and no contracts

There are no commitments and no price breaks — you get charged per-channel, and you can change the number of channels (or add additional capabilities) on-demand. What’s more, the first channel is free.

Limitless cloud-based scalability

With Auto Scaling, no one ever hears a busy tone and you can manually scale back down if your capacity reduces long-term. If you need more channels, just add more channels. It’s that simple.

Global and local flexibility  

You can switch between domestic and international pricing options with ease and on a per-channel basis. Grow your international presence on-demand and buy local numbers anywhere in the world.

Who Callroute helps


Businesses with limited telephony needs 

Maintain a business phone number at no added cost, and expand that capacity on-demand. 

The Callroute Starter channel provides a business phone number at no added costs to Teams. You can then add and subtract channels on-demand to match requirements as they occur.

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Companies Reliant on Microsoft Teams

Businesses with variable or uncertain capacity  

Always match demand with capacity and avoid unnecessary overspend. 

Callroute provides the flexibility you need to always match demand without overcommitting to long-term costs. Add and remove channels without limits, and gain cloud-based tools that will help you better understand your capacity requirements.

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Businesses ready to try Direct Routing

Deploy Team-based calling on an as-needed basis and see the benefits of unified communications first-hand. 

Use Callroute independently of any other telephony you have, and only for parts of your business that will see the difference. Transitioning to Direct Routing shouldn’t be a black and white choice, and we built Callroute to provide you with that flexibility.  

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How Callroute works

Receive One Single Bill

A free channel for life

The first channel is free. Sign up and get started in minutes without ever entering your card details. Experience complete flexibility from day one and start making calls today.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Pricing

Autoscaling and per-channel pricing

To improve flexibility, we charge per-channel not per-user. Auto-scaling ensures that no one ever hears a busy tone and contract flexibility means that you can manually scale back down if your capacity reduces long-term.

Integration in Minutes Icon

Simple reporting and analytics

Simple and easy reports, alerts and analytics empower you to better understand your requirements while also flexibly managing those outcomes. Cloud-based tools put you in control while minimising the amount of time you need to spend managing capacity.

Start making calls today. No commitment, no costs.

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