Deploy without disruption.

No commitments, and getting started won’t impact your other telephony. Experiment with a free channel for life, then scale up or down on-demand. It’s that simple.

The typical challenges with implementing new telephony systems

A new phone system often requires an organisation-wide rollout, multi-year commitments, and upfront investments. At Callroute, in addition to changing how you place a call, we set out to turn traditional telephony purchasing on its head.

How Callroute helps

Proof of concept

Migrate a control group to Callroute and Teams without making a commitment or impacting relationship with existing providers. Review the results and expand your usage based on the outcome.

Speed to market

Our Direct Routing solution is the fastest on the market — get up and running in literally minutes. Add as much capacity as you need, and remove it just as easily — no contracts, no fuss.

Start on the right foot

Callroute lets you demonstrate the real viability of an IP calling solution and avoid messing with legacy telephony at all. Get started fast and for free, and begin your growth journey with twenty-first century telephony.

Who Callroute helps


Small businesses

Get a free phone line and telephony system that is as flexible as you are. 

Our Callroute Starter channel can support the calling requirements of small businesses at little to no added cost. Start immediately for free and only pay for additional requirements as you need them.

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Companies Reliant on Microsoft Teams

Large businesses

Test the power of Direct Routing quick and for free. 

Callroute enables current Teams users to add calling for free and create demonstrable results based on the outcome within your businesses. In-app reporting capabilities simplify the review process — letting you make the case for further investment and adoption.  

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New businesses

Start with future-focused telephony that can grow without tying you down. 

Callroute enables users to get started for free, scale without commitment. Avoid messing around with legacy telephony and jump straight into a twenty-first century solution while minimising risk at the same time.

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How Callroute works

Receive One Single Bill

Free channel for life

Instead of offering a free trial, we decided to just make the first channel (phone line) free.

Sign up and start making calls today without entering your credit card details. When you’re ready, add more channels on-demand.     

Flexible and Cost-Effective Pricing

Per-channel pricing

Rather than paying per-user, we charge per-channel. This improves flexibility and helps you only pay for what you need to use.

Combined with on-demand flexibility, the result is a simple solution that's easy to scale and easy to start.

Integration in Minutes Icon

Instant Integration

Callroute is both the integration provider and the PSTN carrier. This makes it possible for us to pre-configure backend settings, and is why we can offer such quick installation.

It’s also why trialling our product will not impact any existing phone carrier relationships you already have.

Start making calls today.

No commitment, no costs.

*No card required