SLR Increased Productivity By 80% While Saving 25% On Its Telephony Costs

Disjointed Telephony To Simple Teams Voice Management

SLR Consulting is a global enterprise operating in 125 countries with over 3,000 employees across different regions. SLR specializes in sustainability solutions for businesses with a team of advisors and technicians across 45 technical services.

Key challenges:

The results:


SLR were struggling to manage their multiple carriers, phone numbers, and management platforms including Avaya IP Office, and multiple PBX devices, leading to hours lost to administration and management.

This meant staff were unable to spend time completing major projects and adding value in more urgent scenarios. They needed to integrate with Microsoft Teams voice across the globe and consolidate their telephony into one management solution.

Before Callroute, we had disparity between our phone systems in each region. Our business was growing exponentially so the time spent managing our platforms and numbers was escalating.

Key Challenges

No central management tool

Each region was using different platforms to manage its telephony and there was no central tool to connect or categorize voice platforms.

As a result, SLR had limited visibility of its numbers and users causing disjointed and lengthy processes as well as paying for unused numbers.

Restricted control

The different operational needs of each regional platform could only be managed by trained staff at SLR. This restricted regional control of voice platform management.

Instead, SLR had to assist with regional management causing unmanageable requests from all its global regions. This limited team productivity and restricted progress on other important IT projects.

Resource intensive process

Each regional phone system operated differently, so when amendments were required, staff had to spend time familiarizing themselves with the specific regional tools before making changes.

This was further impacted by the regional time differences, making collaboration on projects difficult and further delaying change implementation.

Budget constraints

SLR needed a solution that could scale with their future growth affordably. It was looking for a solution that could generate
at least 20% cost savings in their IT management

They wanted to reduce the number of IT tickets and reduce time spent managing other regions.

Why SLR Chose Callroute

SLR chose Callroute to consolidate its Teams Calling needs for 3 main reasons:

Location specific user personas in Microsoft Teams

Centralized Teams Phone management

Due to the different regional platforms, SLR needed a portal to connect, integrate, and manage their numbers and users in one place quickly and easily. With Callroute, SLR could replace its different global on-premise systems with a pure Microsoft Teams Calling solution.

This offered a centralized platform with full visibility of its numbers and users regardless of what region they were in. In turn, this simplified their telephony management.

Flexibility of the portal

With little training required to use the Callroute portal, more staff can manage its telephony offering, increasing control. 

This allows management to be regionalized, taking some of the weight off SLR Group and increasing team productivity while speeding up changes for end users.

Assign phone numbers to users with alternative destination if unreachable in Microsoft Teams
Manage phone numbers between locations in Microsoft Teams

Ease of use

Callroute’s simple user interface offered easier and quicker management processes by integrating and connecting everything in one place, particularly regarding number management.

This would increase its visibility of any unused numbers and help them reduce costs.

The Solution

SLR ported its numbers to Callroute, which enabled them to move away from their on-premises systems and instead use Teams as its calling solution:

  • 780 numbers ported from 69 different locations
  • Configured inbound numbers and outbound CLI’s for end users
  • Set up user personas to assign policies and/or numbers based on job role or location.

How Did SLR Benefit?

SLR chose Callroute to consolidate its Teams Calling needs for 3 main reasons:

Simple Teams voice management

SLR now has 1 centralized portal that each regional IT Admin can access 24/7.

Changes can be made in real-time rather than waiting for teams in other time zones to pick up requests.

This has reduced the delays in support requests and cut IT management hours by 80%.

Number management

SLR can now view all its global numbers with visibility of the assigned user.

It can now easily manage and provision numbers to users as well as identify any numbers no longer in use.

This means no number wastage and SLR no longer need to buy new DDI’s each time they need new numbers.

Cost reductions

The consolidation of their platforms has enabled them to reduce time managing their numbers, meaning more efficient use of company time.

They have also reduced costs by 25%, a higher percentage than expected, through removing unused numbers they were previously paying for.

We have consolidated our platforms and can efficiently manage our numbers. We are seeing a 25% saving on our telephony costs and an 80% increase in productivity

Adam Prior

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Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.