SIP Trunking

Connect your PBX to the PSTN

Why choose Callroute SIP Trunking?

  • Inclusive and unlimited minutes
  • Simple pay as you go pricing
  • Enables your PBX to work with UCaaS platforms like Microsoft Teams  
  • Pooled channel capacity across trunks and geographies 
  • Auto scaling based on demand
  • Add additional features easily
SIP Trunks

SIP Trunk considerations

Call Recording
SIP Trunk channels

In many cases, the number of channels needed for SIP Trunking can be guesswork and businesses end up sizing trunks on a 'just in case' basis. This leads to higher costs.

Callroute's unique autoscaling feature enables businesses to increase capacity on-demand - without having to pay to reserve the capacity!

What's more, our per channel pricing enables pooled capacity. This means that if businesses have offices in different time zones or different staff calling demands, the capacity can float across the global estate rather than duplication in different geographies and offices. This offers significant cost savings. 

Analytics and Reports
Futureproofing your SIP Trunk solution

Lengthy contracts and future-proofing are other important considerations for SIP Trunk providers. Many businesses wish to migrate to new services such as Microsoft Teams later down the line.

Callroute has this covered with simple pay as you go monthly contracts meaning no long term commitments. The ability to float trunk capacity across UCaaS platforms such as Microsoft Teams means you can add services when your business is ready and create hybrid environments. Integrate in minutes with our self serve portal.

SIP Trunks
Callroute's simple, integrated calling solution

SIP trunking is a popular service integration given its wide adoption as a traditional phone line replacement. The value of Callroute's SIP Trunking is the flexibility to mix and match between supported services at the click of a button. You can even create hybrid environments and enable your PBX to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Telephone numbers (DDI’s) hosted by Callroute can be assigned to any supported service.

Why Choose Callroute SIP?

Callroute’s unique technology enables users to configure SIP trunks within the Callroute portal in minutes. Simply set up your SIP Trunk then assign DDI’s. Want to reassign DDI’s to services such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Genesys CLoudCX? Do this in just a few clicks.

Callroute SIP Trunk Benefits

Purchase Local Numbers In Global Locations

Global calling

Reach 93% of the world economy through our global calling plans, serving 60+ countries and 10k locations.

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Number porting

Port your numbers to continue using them with Callroute. We manage the porting process seamlessly from start to finish.

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Auto scaling

Scale your phone channels in line with demand using Callroute’s unique auto scaling technology.

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Analytics & Reporting

Get immediate insights into how your telephony is performing with reporting and analytics.

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Superior Call Quality

Avoid interference and delays with high definition call quality that you can rely on.

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Security and Privacy

Security &

Our extensive background in corporate telephony combined with end-to-end encryption enables security and privacy.

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Security and Privacy

24/7 Support

Access support from our technical team and help articles within the Callroute portal.

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SIP Trunking replaces the traditional phone line (ISDN or analogue) and typically uses the internet to connect your on-premises phone system (eg PBX) to the PSTN. Learn more about what SIP Trunking is, how it works and the benefits here.

We offer autoscaling, pooled capacity across trunks the ability to mix and match service environments and a unique self-service portal. Enabling agility is our speciality. 

There is no maximum number of phone lines (channels) per SIP Trunk, you can have as many as you like. There is, however, a minimum count which is dictated by the chosen trunk type.

There is no maximum number of phone numbers. Port or buy as many phone numbers as you need. 

There are no set-up costs for SIP Trunks as our platform is self-service. However, there may be costs associated with number porting (if required).

Users can view all manner of statistics in the reporting section of the Callroute portal. For example, concurrent channel usage, average call durations, top numbers and destinations called. 

Pricing varies based on the included feature setFor example, if you require call recording, you’ll need the Professional level package or higher.