Genesys Cloud CX

Use Callroute to connect the PSTN to Genesys Cloud CX enabled contact centres (formally known as PureCloud). 

Why choose Callroute Genesys Cloud CX Integration?

  • Experience great call quality – improve agent and customer experience  
  • Global reach – we operate in 60+ countries 
  • Channel autoscaling based on demand 
  • Easy to use toolset to measure and monitor call statistics 
  • Self-service portal 
  • Integrate with other services such as Microsoft Teams 
Genesys Cloud CX

Options to connect Genesys with the PSTN

Call Recording
Go native

Genesys offers native integration with the PSTN and can be bundled as part of the subscription. However, global reach may be limited which may affect your ability to have representation in certain geographies. 

What's more, with Genesys expertise in contact centre technology as opposed to PSTN telephony, call quality may not be as strong as other options on the market. 

Analytics and Reports
Integrate with a third party provider

The other option is to integrate with a third party integrated PSTN provider. This option can open increased capabilities and functionality.

SIP Trunks
Callroute's simple, integrated contact centre solution

Callroute offers extensive reach into many geographies. Purchase phone numbers for 60+ countries. We also recognise call quality is paramount to customer satisfaction, we have specialist call routing technology to prioritise call quality over various other factors when deciding how to route calls to their destination. 

How does the integration work?

Callroute has performed extensive interop testing with Genesys Cloud CX so you don’t have to. Connecting Callroute to Genesys is as simple as configuration of the SIP trunk service element and assigning the numbers. Then use the Callroute suite of reporting tools to monitor and manage the service and scale up or down as required. 

Callroute Genesys Cloud CX Benefits

Purchase Local Numbers In Global Locations

Global calling

Reach 93% of the world economy through our global calling plans, serving 60+ countries and 10k locations.

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Number porting

Port your numbers to continue using them with Callroute. We manage the porting process seamlessly from start to finish.

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Auto scaling

Scale your phone channels in line with demand using Callroute’s unique auto scaling technology.

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Analytics & Reporting

Get immediate insights into how your telephony is performing with reporting and analytics.

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Superior Call Quality

Avoid interference and delays with high definition call quality that you can rely on.

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Security and Privacy

Security &

Our extensive background in corporate telephony combined with end-to-end encryption enables security and privacy.

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Security and Privacy

24/7 Support

Access support from our technical team and help articles within the Callroute portal.

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Genesys is a global leader in Contact Centre solutions. Cloud CX (formally known as PureCloud) is part of the Genesys solution suite and serves as a single hub for all customer interactions be it SMS, email, voice call, or even social media messaging.  

Yes. Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Teams have opened the doors for contact centre vendors to embed their applications within the Teams desktop client. As Callroute supports Microsoft Teams as a service, it enables us to support vendors like Luware and Anywhere365. Just add Microsoft Teams as a Callroute service and you’ll be ready to start making and receiving calls. 

Pricing can be found here and varies based on the included feature set. For basic high-quality voice connectivity, the business package is a great starting point. 

Sure. Just contact us and we can arrange this.