Cisco Webex Calling

While Cisco’s Webex cloud-based collaboration solution can be a great way for businesses to interact, the options to connect the PSTN outside of Cisco’s native calling plans can mean considerable technical complexity and the need for equipment outside the Cisco cloud. Callroute keeps things simple by offering quick and easy set up for PSTN calling and availability of local phone numbers in 60+ countries.

Cisco Webex

Callroute's Cisco Webex Calling Solution

  • Simple and quick set-up and configuration
  • Flexible channel capacity - scale up down as required
  • Extensive global reach - purchase or port phone numbers for calling in 60+countries
  • Easily manage the phone numbers you purchase from Callroute or port in from another provider


What is Cisco Webex Calling?

Webex Calling is a VoIP cloud-based enterprise phone system. It allows businesses to manage all their services and users in one place through the cloud, which eliminates the need for a physical phone system, and by that, reduces costs. However, Webex Calling allows for hybrid calling too, so it also supports PBX calls to its VoIP.

Integrated Calling With Webex: The Main Options

Integrating external calling with Cisco Webex is the lynchpin for enabling Unified Communication. There are three main options for integrating external calling with Webex.

Place External Calls Within Teams

Cisco Webex Calling Plans

Cisco offers its own bundled outbound plans to enable external calling with Webex.

  • Integrate via Cisco Partners
  • Per user pricing
  • Available in over 10 countries 
  • Buy numbers to use with Cisco
  • You get billed for your Cisco licence and your Cisco Calling Plan
Configuration of a Local Gateway

Configuration of a local gateway

Use Cisco’s guide to configure a local gateway. This harnesses a SIP trunk to connect external calling to Webex.

  • Integrate by following Cisco’s step-by-step scripting instructions
  • Can be a technically challenging process for some enterprises.
  • Requires the enterprise to bring their own carrier.

Callroute's Integrated Webex Calling Solution

Callroute offers complete Webex Suite capability with global PSTN connectivity in minutes.

Expert Advice and Bespoke Solutions

Expert advice and bespoke solutions

At Callroute, we simplify the complex Cisco Webex calling landscape while increasing functionality in one single solution. We can offer bespoke solutions to suit your business needs.

Telephony Heritage and Hybrid PBX Capability

Telephony heritage and hybrid PBX capability

Rather than being locked into existing PBX agreements, Callroute offers a hybrid capability, meaning users can bring their existing telephony carrier and enjoy all the Callroute features until existing contracts end.

Automated Integration

Automated integration

Avoid a lengthy integration process with our simple integration wizard.

Receive One Single Bill

Receive one single bill

Switch the multiple billing streams and inflexible pricing for a single bill that charges you for what you use.

Own and Manage Your Numbers

Own and manage your numbers

We make porting your numbers easy. We manage the entire porting process for you from start to finish. You own and can manage any ported or Callroute purchased numbers.

Fastest integration

Callroute enables PSTN calling via Webex and can be set up in minutes. Callroute removes the complexity of set up compared to the local gateway option whereby users are required to manually run scripts. Callroute saves businesses significant time, extends their global footprint and the need to manage infrastructure outside of the Cisco cloud.

Integrate In Minutes

Callroute Webex Calling Benefits

Purchase Local Numbers In Global Locations

Global calling

Reach 93% of the world economy through our global calling plans, purchase or port numbers from 60+ countries and 10k locations.

Number porting

Switch providers without migration issues and continue using the same numbers in Cisco Webex.

Auto scaling

Scale channels automatically when required to match calling capacity with demand.

Analytics & Reporting

View real-time analysis with our easy-to-use dashboards.

Superior Call Quality

Make secure, high-quality calls.

Security and Privacy

Security & Privacy

Ensure your calls are confidential with industry-leading security and encryption.

Security and Privacy

24/7 Support

Access our 24/7 Callroute portal for our technical expertise and helpful guides and instructions.


Yes, Callroute integrates fully-functional PSTN calling and conferencing capabilities with your Webex calling setup. All you need is Cisco Webex. We’ll take care of everything else, including the Cisco calling licences (if required) and number porting.

Here at Callroute, we charge per channel (a phone line) instead of per user, meaning you only pay for the capacity you require. What’s more, there are no hidden costs or long-term contracts or subscriptions. You can scale up or down as required. Callroute can also supply the Cisco licenses if required, all within one single monthly bill.

To purchase a number, simply type in the area code or location you require into the numbers section of the Callroute portal and select the desired number from the drop down list. You'll need to provide proof of address to confirm your location and identity.

We manage the entire porting process at Callroute. You tell us the numbers you want to port and we manage everything seamlessly from start to finish. Learn more about our number porting process here.