Service Integrations

Connect your phone numbers to the service of your choice in minutes

Connect and simplify your telephony

Callroute offers a simple and effective solution that integrates the PSTN with popular UCaaS and CCaaS platform in minutes via a self serve platform. We also support integration with legacy equipment such PBX, analogue end points or SIP phones. All from the cloud.

Platforms we support

We currently support Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, SIP Trunks and Genesys CloudCX contact centrewith more coming soon!



Callroute offers unique Direct Routing technology



Integrate external PSTN calling with Cisco Webex


Genesys CloudCX

Contact centre PSTN integration.  Enhance agent call quality



Connect your PBX or legacy equipment with Callroute SIP Trunks

Sip Trunk Microsoft Teams

Once you've registered for the Callroute portal one of the first tasks is to add a service.  A service being a connection to platforms such as Microsoft Teams or just a simple SIP trunk. The Callroute self service portal will step you through the process and take just a few minutes.

Top Tip!  Manage user migration from traditional PBX telephony to UCaaS platforms in a few clicks.  It's as simple as reassigning a phone number.


How do I assign a telephone number to a service?

Number assignment is via the "numbers" section in the Callroute portal.  Select the telephone number and press configure to assign the number.

Do you support bulk assignment of phone numbers to a service?

Currently this is only available by contacting our support team.

How long does it take for service assignments to take a effect?

Assignment and reassignment of telephone numbers only takes a few seconds.

Will Callroute add more integrations with other platforms?

Yes, Callroute is evolving and more services are planned.  If you have a specific requirement please contact us to discuss.

Can I bring my own PSTN (SIP Trunk) to Callroute?

Full release (availability in self service portal) is pending, however this feature can be enabled on request.  Please contact us to discuss.

Note:  We would encourage customers to use the PSTN provided by Callroute where possible so that the maximum level of call quality can be delivered.

Steps to making a call

Connect your phone numbers to a service in minutes

Step 1

Add a service

Select the service you wish to integrate with and follow the step by step process

Step 2

Assign your number

Assign your telephone numbers to the service of your choice.  Mix and match assignments across services if you like.

Step 3

Make a call

Test the service by making a call and experience the superior call quality of Callroute.