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Automatically Add Your Users As Members Of Teams

With up to 500,000 teams in Microsoft Teams, keeping your team memberships updated and ensuring users have access to the right collaboration areas is a massive challenge, until now.

Manage teams and groups in Microsoft Teams

Managing Team Membership Just Got Easy

Add users that should be members to all required teams at once based on their job role or department

Group Team Access Together

Create groups of teams specific to a department or role

Targeted Assignments

Add users as members or owners of teams within a group based on their role

Automated Provisioning

Add users automatically to all teams within a group using Entra ID attributes

Create a group of teams to assign user policies to in Microsoft Teams

Assign users to multiple teams in seconds

Creating team groups allows you to package together all the teams users need to collaborate based on their job role.

You can then add them as members or owners of these teams in 1-click

Add users to multiple groups for ultimate collaboration

Create organization, department, location, and cross functional level team groups.

Add users to all the team groups they need so they can collaborate with their colleagues seamlessly and instantly

Example of a user enabled for Microsoft Teams Phone and assigned permissions and policies
You could save upto 77% on your Microsoft Teams user provisioning costs using our automation technology
Orto - the robot mascot for Microsoft Teams auto provisioning

Automate Team Membership

Automate team membership without using scripts or Teams Admin Center.

Managing teams is no longer complicated

Create provisioning rules that automatically assign users to teams based on their Entra ID attributes or Microsoft 365 group membership.

Once the user is enabled in Entra ID, Orto for Teams will detect the user and assign them to all the teams matching their account profile. Leaving you to concentrate on more complicated IT issues.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams
Automate your users entire Microsoft Teams Experience with Orto

Orto for Teams doesn’t just do team member provisioning. With Orto you can provision Teams user policies, licenses, call queues, and phone number assignment.

Team Membership Automation FAQs

Can I choose if a user needs to be a member or owner of a team?

Yes, at the point of assigning a user to a team group you can choose if they should be a member (default) or owner of the teams within the group.

Can I add users to teams manually?

You can add users as team members or owners manually using our management portal.

Can I add users as members of private channels?

This feature is coming very soon.

Can I add guests to team groups?

Guest accounts that already exist in your Entra ID directory can be added as members of a team in the same way as a standard user account.

Can users request teams to be created with Orto?

Orto for Teams is a user MACD provisioning solution. We currently do not offer any governance workflows relating to team creation.

However, once created, we can add / remove users to these teams automatically.

Does Orto manage shared channels?

Orto does not manage shared channels. These channel types are usually heavily managed by compliance and security and not something that would generally be automatically granted.

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