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Automate your Teams Phone user provisioning

Remove PowerShell, spreadsheets, and other manual tasks from your Teams Phone administration and replace them with full no-code automation with Orto for Teams

Assign numbers to users and locations in Microsoft Teams

Understanding Teams Phone admin challenges

As a Teams Phone administrator, you need to be able to assign phone numbers, voice routing, dial plans and other policies quickly to users. This is not always simple with Teams Admin Center or PowerShell.

A number of challenges need to be solved. The biggest challenges are phone number management and being able to issue the correct set of configuration policies to a user based on their job role and location. If you’re using Direct Routing today, this process is almost certainly going to involve spreadsheets and custom scripts.

With Orto you can remove these challenges

Orto for Teams has been built with the task of the Teams Phone administrator at heart. Now you have a single tool where you can maintain your phone numbers, assign user configurations, and automate the entire process, leaving you to concentrate on other tasks

No PowerShell or Scripts

Remove the need for custom PowerShell scripts or commandlets stored in notepad

Number Management

Keep number assignments up to date for all types (Microsoft, OC, & Direct Routing)

Automated Provisioning

Automatically issue phone numbers and voice settings to users based on their ID

Create persona templates for Microsoft Teams user groups

Create provisioning templates

Synchronize your Teams user policies and create user personas containing your dial plans, voice routing, and other voice policies based on your organization’s business requirements such as office location, user job function etc.

Apply these personas to your users automatically using their Entra ID profile, or group membership, manually via the Orto portal.

Automatically assign phone numbers

Synchronize your phone numbers into ranges. Create tags to categorize numbers to meet business criteria. Add ranges to user personas.

When assigning a persona to a user, if they are correctly licensed, they will be issued a phone number from the configured range criteria automatically.

Assign numbers to users and locations in Microsoft Teams
Assign phone numbers to users with alternative destination if unreachable in Microsoft Teams

Manage manual approvals

When you receive a IT ticket to provision a user for Teams Phone, you can assign them the appropriate M365 licenses to enable calling features using Orto’s license packages.

You can then assign them a Teams number and persona matching their requirements.

Personas can be created to manage only Teams voice policies, leaving others to be managed by different support teams.

Provision users 90% quicker than your current manual process

Improve your service standards, resolution time, and accuracy. Have more time to concetrate on more complicated issues

Provision users automatically with no-code

Most organizations have service standards that define what calling access a user should receive based on their location, job role, or purpose.

These standard can be templated and applied automatically.

Using Orto for Teams, you can create condition based rules that will automatically assign the required voice template to a user if they match a condition in their Entra ID profile, or added to a security group.

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams
Example of code snippet with automation rules per user

Integrate with your ITSM workflows

You may require users to request approval from management to enable Teams Phone System.

In this case, simply add Teams Phone to your existing service catalog and create a workflow that will seek the appropriate approvals.

When approved, add Orto for Teams to your workflow using our provisioning API to trigger the enablement of Teams Phone from license, to number assignment, and policy enforcement.

Benefits for you and your team

Spend less on Teams user provisioning. Spend more on more important tasks, like training

Quicker than your current manual provisioning process
More accurate almost eliminating manual errors
Cheaper than your current manual provisioning process
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