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Explore all the benefits of automating your Microsoft Teams provisioning

Discover how our customers are saving on average 77% on their Teams user provisioning tasks.

Benefits of automated Teams provisioning


Saving on IT costs vs manual processes

Our customers save on average 77% in IT admin costs within the 1st year


Increase in first-time provisioning accuracy

Implement standards to reduce manual errors by almost 100%


Faster than manual processes

Spend less time provisioning and more time on more complicated tasks

Create automation rules for user groups in Microsoft Teams

Automate the entire Microsoft Teams user experience

Using Entra ID user profile attributes or security group membership you can create provisioning rules that will automatically assign each user the correct set of licenses, Teams policies, phone number (if required), call queue, and team membership without manual intervention.

Full feature list


Orto for Microsoft Teams automated provisioning

Teams Admin Center

Manually assign Teams user policies
Assign phone numbers to users manually
Add users to teams
Add users to individual call queues
Package Teams user policies together
Requires Teams Premium
Manage Microsoft & Operator Connect number ranges
Manage Direct Routing number ranges
Automate assignment of numbers, policies, queues & teams
Update Teams policies for users in bulk
Assign users to multiple teams at once
Assign users as agents to multiple queues at once
Migrate users from legacy platforms to Teams
Integrate with ITSM and other external service plaforms
Granular admin roles based access control
Change auditing
Change rollback
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