Get your Teams landline numbers on your mobile

Callroute and Tango Networks have partnered to enable you to route your Microsoft Teams direct dial numbers to your mobile over cellular networks using eSIM and Tango Extend.

Take your business identity mobile

Having a fixed-line business number gives a company a more established and professional image. It conveys stability and permanence, which can instill confidence in your customers. It is often associated with established businesses and can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of a company. Making this fixed-line number usable on your mobile increases your work flexibility and enhances your productivity.

Personal or Company device

Allow users to use their eSIM enabled personal device and separate business calls from private, or issue a dedicated business phone.

Works with Teams Numbers

Take your Teams number on the move without worrying about data plans or 5G coverage. Make and receive calls using your Teams number from your mobile.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet your compliance obligations and record phone calls made or received on your business line while leaving your personal calls unmonitored.

Customer familiarity and recognition

Local fixed-line numbers and identity provides a sense of familiarity and can make it easier for customers to recognise a business that offers services that are local to them.

Consistently maintain your brand identity

You can establish a consistent brand identity by maintaining the same contact number over time, building trust and recognition among your customers.

Additionally, you have more administrative control over the features and functionalities associated with your fixed-line numbers, allowing you to customise call handling, voicemail, and other communication settings, all with the convenience of using a mobile device.

Use Cases

Learn how you can take advantage of Teams Phone Mobile Extend today

Field Service Workers

Provide landline numbers to mobile service workers in construction and service maintenance

Health Workers

Give patients a single number to contact care workers who can be contacted wherever they are

Logistics Workers

Enable delivery drivers to call customers from their mobile without exposing their personal mobile number

Retail Workers

Enable customers to reach store workers when they are not by their counters to improve customer service

Take your work number abroad

Take your business number with you when you travel abroad and use your in-bundle minutes with no extra roaming charges in the EU, UK, or USA.

Helping you decide what is best for your needs

What’s the difference between Teams Phone Mobile and Tango Extend for Teams?

Teams Phone Mobile

Teams Phone Mobile is available from Tier 1 mobile phone operators only.

The purpose of Teams Phone Mobile is to enable your to purchase a cell phone number that can be added to your mobile device as an eSIM or fixed SIM and also assigned to your Microsoft Teams user account as your DDI.

This enables you to have a single mobile identity across both your collaboration tool and mobile device.

Tango Extend with Callroute

Tango Extend with Callroute enables you to use your existing local fixed line number and add it to your mobile device using eSIM.

Unlike Teams Phone Mobile, any landline number can be used instead of a mobile number.

When you make business calls from your mobile device and eSIM, you are making them as your business line number, not a cell phone number.

How it works

We can offer this service to any customer with a Teams Phone license. Whether you use Callroute for voice or not. See how easy it is to enable. Scan a QR code, sign-in and go mobile.

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