Connect your SIP Phones to Microsoft Teams

Register your SIP phones directly to Callroute and start making Teams calls in minutes.

Connect any SIP device to Microsoft Teams

For customers who want to use Microsoft Teams voice for their business and wish to continue to use current SIP phones. Simply register these phones directly to Callroute and make Teams calls within seconds.

Any SIP Device

Connect any SIP device including intercoms & tannoy

Cloud Registrar

Register SIP devices directly to the cloud

Core Functionality

All call control features you need including hold & transfer

HD Voice

Superior high definition audio across our global network


Callroute allows you to connect your existing SIP devices to Microsoft Teams, such as intercoms, tannoy, and other common area phones to your cloud calling solution.

Wide device support

Connect any standards based SIP phone to Callroute

Multiple lines

Assign multiple inbound lines to the same phone

Integrate with Microsoft Teams

Enable calling between SIP phones and Microsoft Teams

Core calling features

Enjoy all the calling functionality you need including call hold and transfer

Direct registration

Register your phones directly to Callroute's device registrar

Cloud CLI control

Manage and change your device assigned phone number via Callroute

"Many of the traditional Microsoft Teams telephony projects involved complex technical implementations and resources. Callroute has removed many of the technical and commercial hurdles that’s enabled our carrier partners to expedite the launch of their UCaaS calling services. Callroute have massively simplified end customer onboarding process so its 100% self-service ensuring our customers can achieve scale quickly."

Voxnube Ltd

SIP Phone FAQs

What phones do you support?

We support any SIP phone that has firmware compatible with RFC3261 standard SIP.


Polycom VVX, Grandstream, Yealink Tx phones will work out of the box.


Proprietary phones such as Cisco, Avaya may require a firmware upgrade. For these, you should contact your vendor.

Do you have a cloud device provisioning service?

No. All phones will need to be configured manually.

Do you support extensions?

At the moment all SIP phones require a direct dial number. Extensions support is something we are actively investigating.

Can Microsoft Teams users call these phones?

Microsoft 365 has the ability to create organistion contacts that are searchable in your global address book service.


Adding the SIP phone as an organisational contact along with its number allows Teams users to search for “Security Desk” within their Teams client and call the contact using Direct Routing and Callroute.

Do I need to buy the Common Area Phone License?

No. You do not need to purchase Microsoft licences for SIP Phones to work using Callroute.

Are there any limitations with SIP Phone?

SIP Phone allows you to connect a basic handset to your telephone line.

These are useful for common areas or facility based offices such as security, logistics etc.

They are perfect for basic call handling and users will benefit from all the basic controls expected from a phone e.g. answer, hold, transfer and mute.

You will be able to join Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex meetings using the phones as long as the meeting supports dial in conferencing.

Advanced calling features such as group calling, shared line appearance, call pickup groups are not supported.

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.