Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

For connectivity between Microsoft Teams and the PSTN

Shared Calling Plan

For customers who want simple outbound shared calling from Microsoft Teams without the complexities of direct inbound calling or full Teams Phone features. Perfect for the occassional voice user.

Pay As You Go Plan

For customers who want ultimate flexibility of paying for exactly what they use month by month. This plan is ideal for customers who experience seasonal changes to their voice needs.

from $1.55 pupm
Annual Plan

For customers who want the guarantee of a fixed price per month in exchange for the best possible deal. This plan is ideal for customers who do not experience large variable usage over the year.

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Service Provider Plan

For partners, resellers, and distributors who want to offer Callroute to their customers as part of their service offering. This plan allows you to buy licenses and share them between customers.

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Prices displayed are based on 5,250+ licensed users and RRP. Your quoted price may be different depending on your user count.

* Available to customers with 200 or more shared calling users. The ‘free’ term refers to the waiver of the Callroute per user license requirement for all activated shared calling users. Additional shared calling numbers will incur a monthly fee of £1.00 per number. Porting fees may apply if you wish to port your own numbers. Offer not applicable for partners. Available direct to customers in the UK only.


Pay for what you use each month or annual commit


Add more licenses as your organization grows

Cost Effective

Choose from contract options that offer the best cost saving

Global Availability

Use Callroute anywhere in the world


Integrate other calling and contact center platforms to Teams using Callroute

PBX Connector

Connect your PBX to Microsoft Teams and your carrier

from $7.06 per channel per month
Contact Center Connector

Connect your contact center to Microsoft Teams and share calling

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SIP Device Registration

Register your SIP devices to Callroute and share calling with Teams

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Prices displayed are based RRP. Your quoted price may be different depending on your channel requirements.

Inbound Service Numbers

Buy inbound only service numbers and connect them to your auto attendants or call queues. Our inbound service numbers do not require a calling plan and can be bought independently.

SIP Trunking

If you do not have an existing telecoms provider, we offer a turnkey PSTN connectivity solution for UK customers. Our plans are competitive and allow you to share plan minutes between users for maximum efficiency.

Pay As You Go

If you want no commitment, pay as you go is a cost effective option

Pay for what you use
Annual Plan

Fixed price on your SIP service rental for 12 months

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Choose your Calling Plan

Pay As You Go

For customers who have low call volume, pay as you go is a cost effective option

Pay for what you use
1,000 minute bundle

Bundled minutes guaranteed each month that can be shared across all your users

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5,000 minute bundle

Bundled minutes guaranteed each month that can be shared across all your users

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Automated Provisioning with Orto for Teams

Improve provisioning efficiency and accuracy with our Orto for Teams user management solution. Using Orto, you can manage all your Teams phone numbers, Microsoft Licensing, Teams user policies, call queue agent memberships, and team access.

Automated Phone Number Management for Microsoft Teams
Callroute delivers PSTN integration with UCaaS, CCaaS, and on-premises telephony equipment. Our unique technology automates deployment via a self-serve portal, meaning you are making calls in just a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What is an active user?

We measure active users differently depending on the phone system you are connecting to Callroute.

Microsoft Teams

An active user in Microsoft Teams is a user or resource account that has been licensed for Microsoft Phone System and is using Callroute for direct routing (is showing “Active” in the Callroute Microsoft Teams service).

PBX User

An active user in a PBX system is trust based. However, we monitor consumption to ensure fair use.

Webex Calling

An active user in Webex calling is based on per DDI assignment to the service.

SIP Phone

Each registered SIP Phone is classed as an active user.

How are calling plan minutes billed?

Calling plans offer you consistency and a cost effective way to plan your spend month on month. Buying a calling plan will be cheaper than standard billing.

Minutes held within each plan are bundled together and can be consumed by any user with an activated calling plan.

Unlike Microsoft, our calling plans are pooled together into one bucket rather than per calling plan type. This means you can tailor your plans and consume your minutes more efficiently.

Do my unused minutes carry over to the next month?

Any unused minutes at the end of the calendar month are not carried over to the following month. On the first of each month, your minute balance is reset.

What happens if I use all my pooled minutes before the end of the month?

If you are set up for overspend, calls will continue to work as normal. However, they will be charged at our standard rate.


If you are not set up for overspend, inbound calls will still operate as normal. Any outbound calls except to 999, 111, 112 and 101 will be blocked until the balance resets on the first of the following month.

Can I limit PAYG spending?

Yes, you can set a maximum balance your account can reach before calling is prevented. You will receive notification when you are approaching this limit. You can increase your balance should you need to.

Can I call destinations that are out of bundle?

Provided that you have enabled rate card billing on top of your calling plan packages you will be able to call any number in any country. Appropriate charges will apply based on our rate card.

Can I restrict certain users from calling international numbers?

Yes. You can control at user level the call privileges required.

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Please complete this form to download our call rates. All charges assume call originates from the United Kingdom.

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.