Integrate Your Phone & Contact Center Platforms With Microsoft Teams

Connect all your phone and contact center platforms to Microsoft Teams and create an integrated hybrid calling cloud network

PBX Integration

Integrate with any on-premises PBX platform

Contact Center

Connect your contact center agents to customers & users

Intercoms & Tannoy

Integrate door access, tannoy, or DECT platforms with Teams

On-Prem PSTN

Connect your existing on-premises PSTN to the cloud

Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

Give your organization the freedom to choose the best calling platform for each purpose without worrying about interoperability

Integrate Your On-Prem PBXs With Teams

Connect your existing PBX platforms to Callroute for on-net calling via the cloud. Enable users to move between platforms with ease.

Bring Your Own SBC and connect your on-premises PSTN to Callroute

In regulated countries that require PSTN to be terminated at your premises, you can connect these to Microsoft Teams using Callroute.

You don’t need a Teams certified SBC. Simply connect your existing on-premises voice gateway to Callroute using our Bring Your Own SBC solution and enable your users to benefit from Teams Phone capabilities.

Connect Your Contact Center To Microsoft Teams

Choose the contact center that best meets your customer service needs and integrate with Microsoft Teams. With Callroute you can connect Standalone, Teams Connect, and Teams Extend contact centers for integrated calling with agent & back office Teams users.

Integrate Microsoft Teams with genesys
Integrate Microsoft Teams with netcall
Integrate Microsoft Teams with enghouse interactive

Benefits of Integration

On-net Calling

Enable calling between systems via the cloud

Best Solutions

Choose the best calling platform for your use case


Move user between systems without complications

Optimized Cost Saving

Aggregate and share calling services across all integrations

Extended Integration

Integrate your door access, intercoms, tannoy, Analog ATA, or DECT systems with Callroute to enable calling with your Microsoft Teams users.

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Connect All Your Platforms Together

With Callroute’s global integration and voice routing cloud, you can connect all your calling platforms together and make intelligent routing decisions.

Integration FAQs

What if my platform is not listed as an integration?

If your platform is not listed as an integration we currently have out of the box, then please get in touch.

We will be happy to discuss your integration needs and will work with you to enable you to connect your platform.

How does integration work?

Callroute uses standard SIP protocols. You are able to create a SIP trunk automatically in our portal for the platform you need to connect to.

The creation of the SIP trunk is automated and you will be provided connection details once the trunk has been provisioned (usually less than 1-minute). After this, you can use these details to connect your device.

Do I need to configure anything on my platform?

Yes, you will need to configure your platform to connect to the Callroute SIP trunk created for your integration.

You may need to consult the administrator’s manual of your device if you are unsure how to do this.

What does on-net calling mean?

The term “on-net” refers to call that travels from one user to another over a private network. Unlike the PSTN which is a public network, on-net calls are private and incurr no call costs.

With Callroute, you can connect all your platforms together and as we control the voice routing and carrier access, any internal calls between platforms are routed over our network rather than the PSTN.

This means that calls between your connected platforms remain on-net and not charged.

Intermittent Microsoft Teams calling issues reported globally. This issue appears to be affecting all Microsoft customers worldwide. Microsoft are currently investigating the issue. All Callroute systems are fully operational. More information will be provided as soon as possible.