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Callroute for Microsoft Teams Setup

Before you can use Callroute with Microsoft Teams, you will need:

  • A login to your Office 365 account with Admin rights – more information
  • A Microsoft Phone System licence add-on (or E5 licence) for each user of the service – more information
  • One unassigned Microsoft 365 or Office 365 user license that includes Microsoft Teams + Skype for Business Plan 2 – more information

How to setup Microsoft Teams for Callroute

To setup your Microsoft Teams environment, you will need to add the Callroute app to Microsoft Teams – thanks to our automated portal this is easy! To get started, log into with your Username and Password. Once logged in, click the Services icon in the menu bar:

Services icon screenshot

From the services page, click Add service

No registered service screenshot

Then click Microsoft Teams

Add service screenshot

At this point, you will be asked to confirm that you are ready to link your Microsoft Teams environment to Callroute. Once you have your Microsoft Account credentials to hand, click Continue.

Microsoft Teams login screenshot

⚠️ Warning:  The Microsoft Account used to sign in must have Global Admin rights to the Office 365 company, and Skype for Business Admin rights.  Without these rights, the configuration will fail as the automated service will not have the required permissions to make the necessary configuration changes. Once signed in, you will be asked to give permission for Callroute to configure your Microsoft Teams environment. Click Accept

Microsoft graph consent screenshot

Once the permission request has been accepted, the automated setup process continues.  You can track the progress of the setup at any time by returning to the Services page in Callroute.

Learn more about Direct Routing, Microsoft Teams and how we compare to other solutions on our Callroute blog.