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How to create a SIP Trunk in Callroute ?

As an Administrator, you may wish to create a SIP Trunk to connect and PSTN enable your SIP service platforms.

For example you might have a SIP capable PBX or Contact Centre platform you would like to add PSTN calling capability to.

Once logged in to the Callroute App, click the Services icon in the lower left of the page, then click Add from the top right of the page.

Next select the SIP Trunk option from the service menu.

You will now need to to complete the following form to generate the trunk credentials.

Label = Logical Name to identify the trunk e.g London, Manchester

Gateway Protocol = UDP or TLS – this will depend on the capability of your system

Gateway address = this can be a FQDN or a Public IP address and is the address of your SIP capable system

Gateway Port = 5060 UDP or 5061 TLS (this is automatically populated depending on the protocol you set above)

Address Space = this is a list of allowed Public IP addresses which calls can originate from in CIDR format. multiple entries can be added if required.

SIP options can also be enabled if your system supports it for service monitoring.

Once you populate the fields you can select Add Service which will commence the service creation.

This can take a few minutes to complete so please be patient.

If you click refresh after sometime you will be advised that the service has been provisioned successfully.

Click on the settings tab to display all the configuration parameters for the newly created service.

Pay special attention to the “Callroute gateway address” this is the destination you need to configure your SIP capable system to send calls to and is unique for each SIP trunk. You are also able to select modify if you need to amend or update trunk information.

Note: some information has been removed from the example screenshot for security purposes

You will now be able to see the SIP Trunk in the summary page and can verify service status.

You can also click on the drop down to display additional information and perform additional tasks.

You will now be able to configure your SIP capable system using the provided settings to test outbound calling. To test inbound calling you will need to purchase and configure numbers using the numbers tab if you require further assistance with this please review the knowledge base articles or contact your account manager.

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