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Generating Local Gateway Credentials for Webex Calling

A step-by-step guide for generating the Cisco Webex local gateway credentials you need for enabling PSTN integration with Callroute.

  1. Log into the Cisco Webex Control Hub customer portal and navigate to Services and select Calling.

2. From the Call Routing tab select Trunk and click Add Trunk.

3. Add a new Trunk for the desired location.

4. Save the Trunk parameters to build the LGW CLI, it is suggested to save these in a text file as these details will be used to input in the Callroute portal to activate the service. Be advised the username and password are only displayed once and have to be reset in the event you did not make a record of them. The parameters on this display required for building LGW CLI are:

5. Navigate to Locations under Calling and select the desired location.

6. Click on Unassigned under PSTN Connection.

7. Select Premises-based PSTN (formerly local gateway).

8. Select the Trunk, verify the Control Hub Location, and click Save.

If after following these steps you wish to view the credentials required to copy and paste into Callroute, browse to Calling then select Trunk (see step 2).

Then click on the trunk you wish to obtain the credentials for. On the right-hand side click Manage – this is next to Trunk Info. The credentials are then displayed.

You are also able to see the status of the service to confirm if this is online or offline.

Please note, the username and password are not displayed. If you do not have a note of the Username and Password you will need to use the Retrieve Username and Reset Password link.

Please be aware that this will reset the credentials and will effect any live service operation

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