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What Microsoft Licenses are required for Callroute?

For each user in the organisation to use Callroute with Microsoft Teams, you will need to ensure each user has the required Microsoft licensing assigned

Depending on the type of Microsoft plan your organisation uses, you will need the following licenses for each User that is enabled for Callroute with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Small Business Plans

  • Business Premium, Business Standard, Business Basic plus the relevant phone system Add-on.
  • Pre March 2022 the recommendation was to use the “Add-on” Microsoft 365 Business Voice without a Calling Plan. However Microsoft deprecated this on March 1, 2022. Current Business Voice subscribers can renew their Business Voice licenses until June 30, 2022 so this is still a valid option for existing subscribers.
  • Post March 2022 for new users Microsoft now recommends Microsoft Teams Phone Standard as the required Add-on. The Common Area Phone license is also valid.

Top Tip:

Resource Accounts are used for Call Queues and Auto Attendants. These only require the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard – Virtual User license which is currently free of charge.

Microsoft Enterprise License Plans

  • Enterprise License Plan (F1, F3, E1, E3, E5)
  • Each Enterprise Plan User will need a Phone System add-on license, except E5 plans where the phone system license is already included.
Microsoft Enterprise license diagram

Microsoft Education License Plans

  • Education License Plan (A1, A3, A5)
  • Each Education Plan User will need a Phone System add-on license, except A5 plans where the phone system license is already included.
Microsoft Education license diagram

Check out our simple guide to help you identify the Microsoft licenses you need to get started with Callroute Direct Routing.