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What is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)?

As a Company Super User, you may wish to define permissions for subordinate users of the Callroute service

Callroute supports the ability to assign permissions to Admin users and create custom roles (combination of permissions). When you first sign up for the Callroute service you will be granted the Company Super User role which allows access to all features of Callroute. To manage or set-up other users you navigate to “Admin”, then click the “Access Control” tab.

All users have a base level of permissions that enable the ability to view telephone number assignments and browse the various services. For users to gain access to additional features various permission templates are available that represent common user personas. These are:

  • Company Super User: Has full access to all Callroute features.
  • Service Manager: Ability to assign phone numbers, view reports, invite or delete users and assign user permissions.
  • Compliance Manager: Ability to view reports and access call recordings.
  • Reports Analyst: Ability to view and export reports.
  • Support Engineer: Ability to invite / delete users from the service.

Note: Users that have the rights to invite new users to the service can only grant permissions that they themselves have access to.

To create a custom set of permissions you can either clone an existing role and edit it:

Or you can create a custom role from scratch:

You can assign a role from the Access control page. Click on the relevant role and “Manage”, search for the user and then click “Save”: