How Does Callroute Microsoft Teams Provisioning Work?

To connect Callroute with your Microsoft tenant, several different elements must be provisioned to allow calls to flow between Teams and the Callroute infrastructure. This article explains what these elements are and why they are necessary. Removing the Callroute integration is also outlined within this article. As a guide the provisioning process typically takes between […]

What does Outbound CLI mean?

When you click on a User Details within Microsoft Teams Service, you see an option for Outbound CLI The Outbound CLI is the number that is displayed to the Called party. When you dial an external number from Microsoft Teams using Callroute, the number that is displayed will be the one that has been selected […]

Callroute Requirements for a Successful Integration with Microsoft Teams

To connect Callroute to your Microsoft Teams tenant, you need to ensure you have met the following requirements You will need to ensure you have the following available: A Microsoft user account in your target Microsoft tenant with the following Administrator rights: Global Administrator or if you prefer to be more granular the below combination […]

Failed to find an appropriate license when adding the Microsoft Teams service

When you add the Microsoft Teams Service in Callroute, you receive an error trying to find a license Before you can add the Microsoft Teams Service to Callroute, you must ensure you have at least one unassigned Microsoft 365 or Office 365 user license that includes Microsoft Teams + Skype for Business Plan 2. The […]

What Microsoft Licenses are required for Callroute?

For each user in the organisation to use Callroute with Microsoft Teams, you will need to ensure each user has the required Microsoft licensing assigned Depending on the type of Microsoft plan your organisation uses, you will need the following licenses for each User that is enabled for Callroute with Microsoft Teams Microsoft Small Business […]

How to create an Office 365 Service Account for Callroute

To add Callroute to your Microsoft Teams setup, you may wish to create a Service Account. Here’s how to create a Service Account and allocate the required permissions. A service account provides an efficient way to connect Microsoft Teams and Callroute. The configuration and management tasks carried out from the Callroute portal will use the […]

Why do I need an unassigned Microsoft 365 or Office 365 user license?

During the initial setup of the Microsoft Teams Service with Callroute, you will need one unassigned Microsoft 365 license. An unassigned Microsoft 365 license is required to complete the setup process.  More details on on the steps are contained within the Microsoft Direct Routing setup guide  Callroute use the unassigned license to activate the domain name […]

What do the User states mean in the Callroute Microsoft Teams service?

When you view the list of Users within the Callroute Microsoft Teams Service, each User has a status. Active – The User has all the required Microsoft licenses assigned and is configured to use Callroute (has been assigned a CLI) Inactive – The User has all the required Microsoft licenses assigned and can be activated to […]

How to access Microsoft Teams call quality reports

Microsoft Power BI enables you to access reporting information from Teams by connecting directly to the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) data.  In this article we go through importing Power BI templates that will connect to CQD data. 1. Download the templates from here. 2. Log into Power BI by going to 3. Click on […]