How Does Callroute Microsoft Teams Provisioning Work?

To connect Callroute with your Microsoft tenant, several different elements must be provisioned to allow calls to flow between Teams and the Callroute infrastructure. This article explains what these elements are and why they are necessary. Removing the Callroute integration is also outlined within this article. As a guide the provisioning process typically takes between […]

Callroute Requirements for a Successful Integration with Microsoft Teams

To connect Callroute to your Microsoft Teams tenant, you need to ensure you have met the following requirements You will need to ensure you have the following available: A Microsoft user account in your target Microsoft tenant with the following Administrator rights: Global Administrator or if you prefer to be more granular the below combination […]

How can I trial Callroute with Microsoft Teams

You can take advantage of the Callroute free channel and Microsoft Teams by using the Microsoft Common Area Phone trial licences To start your trial of Calling with Microsoft Teams, you can add a Common Area Phone free trial license.  This offer includes the license for the initial setup of Callroute, and it includes enough […]