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How to access Microsoft Teams call quality reports

Microsoft Power BI enables you to access reporting information from Teams by connecting directly to the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) data.  In this article we go through importing Power BI templates that will connect to CQD data.

1. Download the templates from here.

2. Log into Power BI by going to powerbi.com.

3. Click on My workspace in the left hand menu bar.

4. In the main window, click on + New and choose Upload a file.

Upload a file screenshot

If you don’t see the + New option and are presented with a welcome screen, click Get Data in the Files tile on the welcome screen.

Data options screenshot

5. Choose the PBIX file to upload.  These must be uploaded one at a time – it doesn’t matter what order.

6. Link your account to connect to CQD. Click My Workspace on the left hand side, then in the main window, click the three dots next to one of the Dataset and choose Settings.

PSTN settings dropdown screenshot

7. Expand Data source credentials on the right hand side, and click the Edit Credentials link.

PSTN settingsscreenshot

8. In the popup window, choose Private for the privacy level and click Sign In.

Configure PSTN screenshot

9. You will then see a notification in the top right corner confirming the data source has been updated.

MicrosoftCallQuality data source screenshot

10. You are done! You can now click on any of the reports and view the information.

Graphs and analytics screenshot