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IP Addresses & Ports for BYOC

We support the following types of connections to carriers:

  • SIP Registration
  • IP Auth

Which IP Addresses are used depend on the connection type to your carrier. SIP Registration and DNS-SRV typically do not require a static or dedicated IP assigned to the connection. IP Auth however, does.

When setting up a connection to your carrier, you may need to contact them and provide the IP addresses and ports used for your SIP Connection. This is so that they can permit the connection traffic through their security perimeter access control solutions.

Finding Your IP and Ports for IP Auth

When you configure a connection to your carrier the connection information should be displayed to you on the completion screen. Furthermore, this is retrievable from within your connected carrier configuration.

IP and Port for SIP Registration or DNS-SRV

Connections to carriers who support SIP Registration or DNS-SRV, connections are made using our shared IPs and Ports

IP AddressPortProtocol
SIP Server IPs and Ports

Media IPs and Ports

Our media server addresses and ports are shared across all BYOC connectivity types.

IP AddressPort RangeProtocol
Media Server IPs and Port Ranges

You will need to pass this information to your carrier in order to complete your BYOC connection.

What Information Does Callroute Require?

All information we need is gathered during the configuration of your carrier connection. Once configured, our internal provisioning will ensure that the required access is granted on our systems.