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How to create an Office 365 Service Account for Callroute

To add Callroute to your Microsoft Teams setup, you may wish to create a Service Account. Here’s how to create a Service Account and allocate the required permissions.

A service account provides an efficient way to connect Microsoft Teams and Callroute. The configuration and management tasks carried out from the Callroute portal will use the service account. This makes configuration easy and allows Administrators and Managers in your organisation to have greater control over the access permissions we use to complete the configuration tasks.

This guide will need to be followed by someone in your organisation who manages your Microsoft 365 setup.

Create an Office 365 Service Account

1. Go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and sign in using an account with Administration privileges.

2. Click Users and then Active users in the top left hand corner

Active user dropdown screenshot

3. Click Add a user

Add active user screenshot

4. Complete the information requested, and click Next

Basic setup screenshot

5. Scroll down the list and select Create user without product license (not recommended) – a license is not required for a Service Account

Create without a license screenshot

6. Within the Roles section click Admin center access

Select role screenshot

7. Now scroll and expand Show all by category

Show by category screenshot

8. Select the following required roles for the Service Account and click Next

  • Global Administrator*

or, if you prefer to have more granular access, the below combination can be used:

  • Teams Administrator
  • Domain Name Administrator
  • User Administrator
  • Application Administrator

*The Global Admin privilege is required for the initial setup of the Domain for Microsoft Teams.  Once the Domain setup has completed, you can remove the Global Admin privilege from the Service Account.

9. Review the information on the summary page, and click Finish adding

10. Make a note of the Username and Password.  You will need these credentials when you add Microsoft Teams to your Callroute setup. Once finished click Close.

Callroute service added screenshot

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