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Callroute Requirements for a Successful Integration with Microsoft Teams

To connect Callroute to your Microsoft Teams tenant, you need to ensure you have met the following requirements

You will need to ensure you have the following available:

A Microsoft user account in your target Microsoft tenant with the following Administrator rights:

  • Global Administrator

or if you prefer to be more granular the below combination can be used:

  • Teams Administrator
  • Domain Name Administrator
  • User Administrator
  • Application Administrator

When connecting Callroute to your Microsoft tenant this administrator role is required to login during the automated setup process in order to configure the Callroute service. The connected user account is also used by Callroute to make ongoing configuration changes requested through the Callroute portal. More details on this topic the can be found here.

Top Tip:

Certain Admin rights are only required for the initial provisioning of the Teams service, specifically in relation to activation and verification of the domain. Once the Callroute Teams service is active the user role can be downgraded to Teams Administrator is for purposes of day to day operation. We also recommend you create a dedicated service user for this purpose, refer the relevant article.

You will also require one unassigned Microsoft 365 or Office 365 user license. The following license types can be used:

  • Teams Common Area Phone
  • A1, A3, A5 – Microsoft Edu A1-5 SKUs
  • O365 Business Essentials or Premium
  • E1, E3, E5
  • F1, F3
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro
  • Microsoft Teams Trial (Microsoft Team Exploratory)
  • Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud

Free license screenshot

  • When the Callroute service is initially configured, a temporary User account is created in Office 365 to complete the activation. This user is assigned a license during the activation process.  Once the integration is finished, you can safely remove this user from your Office 365 setup and unassign the license.
Teams gateway item screenshot
  • An assigned Microsoft Phone System Standard license for each user in the that intends to use the Callroute service for telephony – more information

Use our simple guide to Microsoft prerequisite licences to help you identify what you need to get started with Callroute Direct Routing.