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Callroute Demo Mode Setting

Microsoft Teams PSTN calling is a common Callroute use case. Partners that resell Callroute may want to demonstrate the ease of adding a Microsoft tenant (adding the Teams service) through to making a test call. For this to be repeatable Callroute supports the ability to delete the Microsoft Teams service and start again.

When deleting the Teams service, Callroute removes all elements (policies and domain) in the Microsoft tenant; essentially cleaning it of all traces of the Callroute integration. However, this can prove problematic if the goal is to add the same tenant again (a typical scenario for repetitive demonstrations).

During the Teams service onboarding process the domain needs to be verified by Microsoft and any repetitive verification and subsequent deletion can causes issues within the Microsoft environment, with it taking up to 24 hours for changes to propagate and settle. By enabling “Demo Mode” the deletion script skips the domain removal step. This enables the same tenant to be added again straight away without any risks associated with the domain verification process causing issues.

Demo mode is available to partners and resellers of Callroute. To access the Demo Mode setting navigate to Admin > Configuration. You can then toggle it on or off.


If you delete the Teams service with Demo Mode on and then attempt to add a new / different Microsoft account then Callroute will attempt to verify the same domain (each Callroute account has a fixed and unique domain). This will cause the integration to fail. Microsoft requires the domain to be unique (not associated with another 365 tenant).

To resolve:

Turn off Demo Mode and then add the deleted tenant again. Once onboarded you can delete the Teams service. This time the deletion script will also delete the domain.


Login into your 365 account with a user that has the correct scopes (eg Global Admin). Navigate to Admin > Azure Active Directory > Custom domain names and then delete the domain with the CRT reference linked to the Callroute account. Then delete the associated domain.

If there are multiple domains you can identify the correct one by the unique Callroute CRT reference. This can be identified by either:

  1. In the reseller view click on the right hand side down arrow in the relevant account. The CRT is then displayed below.

2. If the Microsoft Teams service is still active then it can be viewed by navigating to the Health Checker and clicking on the “i” icon in the bottom right corner.

Note: Once the domain is deleted it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate through Microsoft’s network.