Verified Carriers

Our verified carriers have gone through an extensive testing process to ensure compatibility with Callroute. We constantly work with each carrier to ensure any future changes to services are thoroughly tested before rolling out to production

Colt s on the list of Callroute Verified Carriers
Exponential-e s on the list of Callroute Verified Carriers
6Degrees s on the list of Callroute Verified Carriers
Pure-IP s on the list of Callroute Verified Carriers
Gradwell is on the list of Callroute Verified Carriers

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Verified Carrier FAQs

Yes. In addition to the carriers listed on this page, Callroute also allows you to connect your own carrier using our custom carrier connector. You will need to contact your carrier to obtain the connection details required to setup your own carrier service

Yes. As a verfied carrier, the telco has shared their connection profile with us and we have performed testing to ensure connections can be established. In order to use a verfied carrier service, you must have an account with your chosen carrier.

Yes. If you do not have an account with an existing carrier listed you can bring your own carrier or we can introduce you to the verfied carrier of your choice. Please contact us.

With a verified carrier, Callroute have performed extensive testing to ensure compatibility between our platform and the carrier. We maintain communication with the carrier to keep up to date with any changes that might impact compatibility. We then re-test and rollout any changes required to ensure that services remain up and compliant.


With Bring Your Own Carrier, we do not have this communication with your carrier. Should they change a setting that causes your connection to disconnect, Callroute will work to help resolve this as soon as possible. However, due to the lack of a communication channel, this would be reactive to any issue as we would not have advance notice of this.