Seamless Number Porting

Keep your existing phone numbers and manage them all in one place. 

Why Is PSTN Calling Important?

Port your numbers seamlessly

Number porting is the movement of an existing phone number from one supplier to another. Ever change mobile networks and keep your number? That's number porting.

We offer number porting alongside your Callroute integration so you can continue using the same numbers with your chosen collaboration platform.

Switch telephony providers without migration challenges

Number porting enables you migrate to a nebusiness communications solution without having to give up your numbers. You will be assigned a dedicated Number Porting Account Manager who will manage the process on your behalf. Our expertise means that switching providers is a hassle-free experience that will be managed from start to finish.

number porting

How it works

We manage the number porting process in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Let us know how many numbers you wish to port and we will provide you with a quote. 

Step 2

Provide us with information on the telephone ranges and numbers, proof of address and identification.

Step 3

We contact your old provider on your behalf and arrange for your numbers to be ported to the Callroute service.


Number porting can usually be completed within 10 business days, often less. For the most complicated ports (typically international ones), it might take up to eight weeks. In every case, we’ll make sure it’s done right, and as quickly as possible — keeping you updated along the way. 

In most cases, the act of number porting will cancel your old service. We will keep you informed of any action you need to take after number porting. However, you don’t want to cancel that contract until the number has been ported — that might mean you lose ownership of that number. 

VoIP numbers are not a problem, the process is exactly the same on your end — we just need to contact a different provider. 

We can port non-geographic 03 and 08 numbers as well as 01 and 02 numbers. We can also port international numbers.

In general, you are always free to port your telephone numbers to a new provider. Your service provider is not allowed to refuse your porting request – even if you are still in a contract with them – as long as the numbers are still live.

Port your numbers seamlessly

Don’t let number porting stand between you and a better phone system. We’ll do the work, you get to keep your numbers. Get started for free today.

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