Simplify Your Microsoft Teams User Policy Assignments

Group your Microsoft Teams User Policies together to create a persona for each of your user groups and apply them in one click.

Microsoft Teams User Policy Management
  • No Install or Scripts

    No need to modify existing user account provisioning processes, no plugins or software required

  • Works Within Your Logic

    You set the business logic for provisioning numbers. Callroute will do the rest

  • Sync Your Policies From Microsoft Teams

    Create and Manage Policy settings from Microsoft Teams Admin Center and synchronize with Callroute User Personas

  • Works With All Microsoft Teams Users

    Manage policy assignments for all your users including voice and non-voice users

Manage User Personas in your organization

Take the complexity out of managing Microsoft Teams Policy assignments for your users with Callroute User Persona’s

Synchronize your Teams policies and group them together based on each of your user demographic

Assign them to your users in one click, whether they are voice enabled or information workers

Manage personas on a per user or group basis. Easily apply policy changes in bulk when needed


Create & Manage Personas for Voice & Non-Voice Users

Synchronize your Microsoft Teams policies and create personas that match each of your user groups, whether they need a phone number or not, then assign to users


Automatically Assign Phone Numbers in Teams

Automatically Assign Numbers Based on User Persona

Use with Callroute number management to automatically choose a number from a specific range when assigning a user persona

User Persona FAQs

Can I assign Personas to all Teams users?

Yes. You can use Callroute user personas to manage your voice and non-voice users in a single interface.

What if I make a change to a Teams Policy Setting in Teams Admin Center?

Callroute only synchronizes the policy identifiers. This means that if you change a setting of a policy in Teams Admin Center, all users assigned this policy will inherit this change as per normal Teams behaviour

Does Callroute automatically assign user personas?

Not yet, you still have to perform the assignment action manually. However, there will be an automated way soon!

Will personas work for users not using Teams?

No, User Personas are Microsoft Teams specific.

Can I use persona to manage Calling Plan or Operator Connect Users?

Yes, you can use user personas for these users too.