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We offer true PSTN replacement in over 35 countries and coverage in over 60.

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Affordable global calling without limitations

Purchase local numbers for over 60 countries. We offer a wide range of global numbers and we can port global numbers in from your existing provider.

  • Select locations and area codes from a catalogue of over 10 million numbers
  • True PSTN replacement in over 35 countries
  • Affordable per minute pricing
  • Straightforward international rates and global calling plans


Get a global business presence

Businesses with offices around the world: If your business is global, your calling plan should be too.

  • Port international numbers
  • Call between locations without fees


Businesses expanding internationally: Offer a local business presence to your customers.

  • Purchase local numbers for your users so you can integrate with the local area
  • Get new numbers if you need them and grow globally
global calling

How it works

Once your channel subscription is in place you'll be able to purchase numbers. Simple as that. Get started now.

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Browse the locations we support in the Callroute portal or type in your area to view the area codes we provide.

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Buy numbers

Select the numbers you’d like to purchase. Check out, and in certain cases, start using the number straight away. You can also port your existing numbers to Callroute. 

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Manage centrally

Manage your phone numbers directly within the Callroute portal. Make instant changes to user and service allocations.


What is true PSTN replacement?

It is the equivalent of buying a telephone service in country from a local operator. It takes into consideration support of emergency service calling and other local service features. 

Which countries do you offer true PSTN replacement?

Please contact us for the most up to date list. 

Do you support fax?

Yes, we support T38 fax in most regions. Please contact us with any country specific queries. 

Can I get a phone number anywhere in the world?

We have a catalogue of over 10 million numbers worldwide, so it's likely we can meet your needs subject to local country regulations and restrictions. For example, in most cases you will need to have a physical postal address in the country or region that relates to the number. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Does it matter what country I call?

When calling internationally you can benefit from our competitive tariff or buy one of our international zone inclusive calling packages. 

Are calls to mobile phone numbers included in the call package?

Yes and no. All our packages include calls to primary network mobile phone numbers (for the UK this Vodafone, O2 and EE). But calls to MVNO's (eg Tesco mobile, Lyca mobile, Giff Gaff etc) are chargeable.

Make and receive calls, anywhere in the world

Our established telephony background delivers a strong connection around the globe. Get started for free today.

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