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24/7 access to technical expertise

We don't expect you to have a problem with our service. But if you do, we’ll fix it right away.

  • 24/7 access to technical expertise
  • Helpful guides and instructions to help you along the way
  • All accessible from the Callroute portal

Experienced support you can count on

Good support will help you make better choices and get the best out of Callroute. With our telephony experience baked-in, the self-service Callroute portal will solve the majority of your issues immediately.

customer support

How it works

You need Microsoft Teams and Phone System - that's it. Every channel you enable with Callroute is provided by us - that's how we make the process so easy and let you start for free.

Analytics and Reports


See the number of channels, look at trends over time, usage by location, and get an overview of other Teams activity.

Superior Call Quality


Review and sort your phone numbers. Look at location, type, active status, and more. Buy new numbers from the same screen.

Integrate In Minutes


See monthly, quarterly or annual reports, balance histories, latest payments and invoices, along with cost trend analysis.

Number Porting


We provide the clear telephony data you need to combine that with additional data sets to understand how your entire system is working.


You don’t have to do anything. It comes with the service. Just log in and get the help you need if a problem ever arises.

We’re always available and happy to help! Simply search through the FAQs if you have any questions or get in touch with us via our contact us page.

Get technical support 24/7

We care about all of our customers and work hard to ensure quality outcomes. If something goes wrong, we’re ready and available to solve that problem wherever it occurs. Start today with a free channel.

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